Rent a cheap Mini Cooper in Spain

Since its introduction in 2001, the BMW manufactured Mini, has retained its position as one of hottest life style cars in the market. Despite its broad popularity across the globe, there are relatively few locations where you will find the Mini available as a hire car.

BMW owns the rights to the valuable Mini brand. The reinvented sixties classic produced in Oxford still manages to impress with its almost “go-kart like” handling and broad customer appeal across all classes and ages of society. The Mini’s boot is “mini” with a capacity of only 160 litres, which is roughly a bit more than two maximum sized pieces of cabin luggage. However, if more boot space is required, the rear seats do fold down.

In late 2009 a Spanish car rental company chose to invest in the little Mini for their hire car fleet.

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Rent A Mini Cooper

Prices for BMW Mini car hire in Spain start from only around £60 per week. For example a Mini car hire in Malaga Airport in November 2012 is available for £64. This may not be the cheapest price in its class at this location, but the price is still cheap compared with any type of hire car across the continent.

Please note that during high season, the demand for the Mini will be significantly higher and rates may in some periods almost double. So do make sure to book your BMW Mini well in advance for the cheapest rates.

Rent a Mini in Malaga, Spain
When renting a Mini in Malaga, you are most likely to be handed over a Mini Cooper D or Classic D with Air condition. However, this may change from time to time and in actual fact the rental companies are in their right to provide another make of car, as long as it is classed in the same hire car category as the Mini.

Specific for Malaga is that the Mini is in its own class under Luxury and Premium which means the likelihood of getting a Mini is high.

Cheap Mini Cooper and Mini One car hire is also available in other Spanish locations such as Marbella and Barcelona when using Cartrawler. If the Mini doesn’t appear in the search engine there is a possibility of it being sold out in which case you should try and enter a different date or location in the Cartrawler search engine.

Rent a cheap Mini Cooper in Spain
Article: Rent a cheap Mini Cooper in Spain
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