New VW Golf 2020 – mk8 model ready late 2019

Information about the new VW Golf 2020 mk8 is slowly becoming available. Pictures and speculations are published.

UPDATE May-19 new pictures - VW Golf 8 model 2020
First pictures of pre-production cars have been published. The cars are meant for road-testing. In the automotive press in Germany, speculations are rife that the new Golf 8 will in fact be introduced with another facia than the one present on the pre-production series.

Learning from experience, all major car manufacturers know that Chinese companies are copying everything they see and they are incredibly fast at it. The fear is obviously that with delayed production, Chinese copy-cats may introduce a sort of Golf of their own before the new, genuine Golf 8 from Volkswagen is out.      

Furthermore, VW engineers have had more than usual problems getting the infotainment system to work in the new car. Normal production start has been pushed to late 2019. All Golf 8 will, for sure, be model year 2020.

The new Golf 8 is a pretty car – and looks a lot like the old Golf 7

Furthermore, Volkswagen is under time pressure as the NCAP crash test authority will introduce new demands for all vehicles tested as new models in year 2020 forwards. It was never the plan that the new model Golf 8 should be so long under way.

Due to the delays, the new Golf 8 will not be ready for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September-19.

VW design – the new Golf
By January 2019, Volkswagen has released teaser-pictures of the new VW Golf 2020.

As with all new car models from Volkswagen, BMW, Audi and Mercedes, a lot of unofficial computer generated designs have been released of the new VW Golf 2020 mk8.

VW Golf

The new Golf 8? – best guess so far

Production of the new Golf 8 will proceed in the mid/late summer of 2019.

The brand new Volkswagen, therefore, will be introduced as a Golf 2020 model, even though many of the initial cars from the first batch will, actually, will start coming off the production line already late 2019.

New VW Golf 2020 – more tech and more space in the cabin
The new Golf 8 replaces the extremely successful Golf 7, which has been in production since 2012.

See more about Golf 7

In the new VW Golf 2020 model, customers will find a range of more advanced technical solutions and safety features. The mid-range Volkswagen, however, will not be available with electrically powered propulsion system (EV).

It may come as a surprise, but the ‘old’ e-Golf available from 2014 to 2019 will be discontinued with the demise of the Golf model mk7. Volkswagen is putting its efforts and large sums of money into the development of dedicated electrical vehicles on separate platforms more suited for batteries and EV driving. In an EV, the fuel tank for instance, is not needed, whereas in a diesel or gasoline car, the fuel tank has to be placed carefully in a safe place – usually under the rear end/below the rear seats of the car.

In 2019, speculations are rife about the new VW Golf 8 design for the Golf 2020 model. 

VW Golf 8 design-proposal – or possibly a VW hoax to put the Chinese copycats off track

Volkswagen keeps its new designs and specifications to itself as long as possible. The largest German car producer has issued a statement saying that the new Golf 2019-2020 will offer more room inside the cabin (points to a slightly wider car) and will get improved connectivity; i.e. will be better at integrating with modern electronic devices such as phone, laptop and even home although, most likely, not as a standard equipment.

VW promises more frugal gasoline engines and a diesel engine option is, most likely, maintained.

Finally, Volkswagen will introduce a self-driving system (better than Tesla’s, hopefully). This feature will, most likely, only come as an option or be standard in the more expensive equipment versions og the new Golf 8.

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Pictures of the new Golf 2020 mk8
All major car manufacturers have become extremely careful not to release pictures of new car models too early. In fact, the larger prestige and premium car producers wait as long as absolutely possible before revealing any 100% confirmed design details of a new car.  

The reason for this cloak and dagger tactics is that Chinese car producers will copy everything worth copying and try to release cars of extremely bad quality even before the official model is out from a major reputable manufacturer.

There is no hesitation when it comes to ‘borrowing’ design in China and the Chinese regime supports this way of doing business.

Video new Golf 8 – possibly the most reliable pics of new Golf 8 2020-model will update with video and pictures of the new Golf 2020 on this page when available.

Golf 8 on Geneva Motor Show 2019?
In March, the International Motor Show in Geneva may or may not feature the new Golf 8.

Ford and Jaguar-Land-Rover (JLR) have already made public that they will not attend with cars in Geneva; the reasons being of economical nature.

Also Chinese owned Volvo and the Fiat-Chrysler Group (FCA) are not expected to be at Geneva Motor Show.

Volkswagen will be present with all its makes. As for the Golf range, as a minimum, Volkswagen will show cars with the newly developed smaller and high performing gasoline engines.

Amongst the premiere cars of the show will be the new BMW 3-series Touring Estate.      

See more about the Geneva Motor Show, which is held March 7th-17th 2019.

New VW Golf 2020 – mk8 model ready late 2019
Article: New VW Golf 2020 – mk8 model ready late 2019
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