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The 2008 Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular hire cars in the super mini class. The latest addition to the Fiesta range benefits from having a sportier look than its predecessor and shares platform and technology with the Mazda 2.

Ford Fiesta has always been a safe bet for hire companies, since high reliability and good residual values are prioritised when choosing the hire car fleet. Furthermore, Ford has always been known for offering favourable discounts on hire cars, to keep a foot in the door with the car hire operators. For those reasons, expect to see many Fiesta hire cars in the super mini class all over Europe.

Ford Fiesta 2009

Rent a Ford Fiesta
The 2009 Fiesta is a completely different and improved car compared to the previous model, which by no means was a bad car in the first place.

Some of the differences from the previous Ford Fiesta model are that wind, tyre and engine noise has been significant reduced and the size of the car has increased substantially. Driver’s and front passenger seats are positioned higher creating improved overview and seating is generally more comfortable and spacious for all passengers travelling. In fact the Fiesta will comfortably fit 5 average size adults, though only with limited luggage (max 2 large suitcases). The Fiesta is no longer just small city car, but now also a very comfortable long distance companion with excellent fuel economy.

Other noticeable improvements are a new contemporary colour scheme, MP3 audio connectivity (except for studio trim) and better plastic and trim quality throughout.

Ford Fiesta is highly praised a bestseller
In 2009 Ford topped new vehicle sales charts in many European countries, mainly contributed by the introduction of the Fiesta in late 2008. The 2009 Fiesta has also received plenty of positive remarks from the motoring press along the way. The Fiesta 1.25 petrol has been awarded 5 stars out of 5 by Whatcar? And Top Gear’s presenter Jeremy Clarkson who isn’t easily impressed, also gave the 2009 Fiesta praise with this remark: “The sort of car people buy for their daughter but then steal back when she’s out.”

Engine Performance in a Fiesta Hire Car
The most common engines found in Ford Fiesta hire cars are 1.25 (4 cylinder petrol) 60 and 82 BHP, which are in fact also used in the previous Fiesta models only with minor alterations. Despite not being the most powerful engines, they still have better torque than VW Polo and Vauxhall Corsa’s 3 cylinder engines.

If a diesel Fiesta hire car is optional, you should consider this option if you travel more than 2 people and carry a lot of luggage. The smallest Fiesta diesel is a turbo charged 1.4TDCi with substantially more torque, which will make your journey easier if you’ve got a fully packed car – not least in mountainous and hilly areas. However, if you are travelling light (one or two people) in a Fiesta Hire Car, you should not expect substantial difference in fuel consumption of the diesel against the petrol cars

If you’re renting a Ford Fiesta automatic (petrol), it will be supplied with the 1.4 96 BHP engine, which benefits from slightly better torque than the 1.25 versions. Still be prepared that Ford Fiesta Automatic is a rarity with many car hire companies

Technical Data for 2009 Ford Fiesta:

  • Car definition: Supermini, Compact, Economy, (ECMN)
  • Boot space capacity:295 litres/974 litres rear seats folded
  • Safety: Euro NCAP safety children: 4 stars out of 5 possible
  • 1.25 Duratec petrol (60 PS) Fuel efficiency (combined cycle): 51.4 mpg
  • 1.25 Duratec petrol (60 PS) Fuel efficiency (combined cycle): 51.4 mpg
  • 1.25 Dratec petrol (82 PS) Fuel efficiency (combined cycle): 49.6 mpg
  • 1.4i Duratec petrol (96 PS) Fuel efficiency (combined cycle): 49.6 mpg
  • 1.4i Duratec petrol Automatic Fuel efficiency (combined cycle): 43.4 mpg
  • 1.4-litre TDCi Duratorq diesel Fuel efficiency (combined cycle): 67.3 mpg
  • 1.6-litre TDCi Duratorq diesel with diesel particulate filter Fuel efficiency (combined cycle): 67.2 mpg

Please be aware that it is not possible to choose between specific car makes within a hire car class whilst booking. However, on some occasions you might be given a choice upon collection of your hire.

The Fiesta as a rental car - Rent a Ford Fiesta
Article: The Fiesta as a rental car - Rent a Ford Fiesta
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