Wizzair baggage rules - cabin and checked in luggage on Wizzair flights

No-frill airlines are enjoying an unfading popularity amongst travellers despite the fact that the supposedly low-cost deal may easily turn out to be only insignificantly cheaper than an offer from a regular carrier. Virtually all low-cost airlines apply additional charges for luggage, which makes the knowledge of the airline’s luggage policy essential when planning a budget trip. As many of the budget carriers’ customers may have discovered, the charges for cabin and/or checked-in luggage may weigh heavily on the total cost of the airline ticket.

Find out below what luggage rules apply when travelling with the Hungarian airline Wizzair.

Wizzair hand luggage – small for free
Cabin luggage policies vary considerably between different carriers. Wizzair allows each passenger to transport one piece of hand luggage according in the following configuration:

Small cabin baggage
One piece of a free hand luggage not exceeding 42cmx32cmx25 cm, provided that it fits under the seat in front of the passenger


Large cabin baggage
One item of a paid large hand baggage, not exceeding 56cmx45cmx25cm in size. The passenger must be able to place the luggage in the above-head storage unaided. The fee for the paid cabin luggage on board Wizzair planes varies. Please see the chapter further below.

Wizzair customers and especially ladies who tend to see a handbag more as a fashion accessory than an actual piece of luggage, should be aware of the fact that the carrier is known for being quite strict when it comes to the ‘one piece of cabbing luggage per person’ rule. This means that the passengers carrying a small handbag (ladies bag) and a proper cabin bag may be faced with the need to either make the smaller bag fit into the bigger one, or dispatch on of the items in the hold, at an additional cost.

Checked-in luggage
Wizzair, much like other budget carriers applies additional (not included in the basic fare) charge for the checked-in luggage.

Each passenger is allowed to check-in a maximum of 6 items of baggage. The weight limit for each item is 32 kilos and the dimensions cannot exceed 1.499 m in width, 1.194 m in height and 1.715 in length.

Only 3 pieces of checked-in luggage per passenger may be requested during an online booking. Every  additional item, to the total number of 6 must be paid for directly at the airport.

Wizzair baggage fees
The fees for large cabin baggage and checked-in baggage are calculated based on the route, on the day of the flight (more expensive in peak season) and on the weight (for checked-in baggage). It is considerably cheaper to buy checked-in and cabin luggage online.



At the airport


Low season

Peak season

All year

Large cabin luggage (max. 10 kg)

€10 - €18 (depending on route)


Checked-in luggage (max. 23 kg)

€15 - €35 (depending on route)

€25 - €45 (depending on route)


Checked-in luggage max. 32 kg)

€25 - €45 (depending on route)

€35 - €55 (depending on route)


For a more accurate quote in Pound Sterling / GBP, use Wizzair baggage fee calculator

Purchasing both checked-in luggage and large cabin luggage is the cheapest option and highly recommendable if you don’t want to face the rather steep airport fees. Should you, however, get to a conclusion after completing your booking online that you may need to transport more paid luggage, you may still add the necessary items via internet or through the carrier’s call centre.

No refunds are made in cases when the customer checks in fewer items of luggage than he or she paid for.

Musical instruments transported in the cabin
Small musical instruments (e.g. violin, clarinet, trumpet)can be transported in the cabin free of charge provided that the dimensions of their carry case do no exceed 56cmx45cmx25cm.

An additional seat may be purchased online (subject to availability) for transporting larger instruments. Instruments which do not fit in the seat (e.g. double bass, harp) must be transported in the hold.

Sports equipment
Wizzair allows the transport of sporting equipment, as long as properly packed. The airline does not provide packaging material. You can consult the list of packaging requirements for sports equipment on Wizzair website.

The fee for each item of checked-in sporting equipment is €30 for bookings online or via call centre and €60 when checking sports equipment at the airport.

The above article is based on information available at Wizzair.com website in March 2016. The editors of www.find-cheap-car-hire.co.uk decline liability for any possible changes in rates and terms&conditions introduced by the carrier.

Wizzair baggage rules - cabin and checked in luggage on Wizzair flights
Article: Wizzair baggage rules - cabin and checked in luggage on Wizzair flights
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