Top city break destinations for Easter 2014

Easter 2014 falling in late April, together with optimistic weather forecasts for Europe, prompts British tourists to book last minute holidays or city breaks in not too far destinations.

According to an accommodation booking website, which offers an alternative to hotel stays, three European capitals, Paris, Amsterdam and Rome seemed to be the most sought after destinations amongst the site users.

While Paris and Rome are undeniably some of the top city destinations year round, Amsterdam scores high most likely due to its proximity to the UK (a flight from London to Amsterdam takes approx. an hour), as well as due to a large number of routes (including low-cost flights) available form different British airports to the capital of Netherlands.

Popular Easter 2014 destinations for British travellers
Based on the booking statistics from, the most popular city break destinations for Easter 2014 are:

  1. Paris
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Rome
  4. London
  5. Berlin
  6. Barcelona
  7. New York
  8. Lisbon
  9. Prague
  10.  Vienna

It is worth to remember that the above list reflects interests of a particular group of travellers and different tourism operators may come up slightly different results.

While New York is the only long-haul destination quoted by, according to British Airways, Johannesburg is nearly as popular as the US destinations (New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles), ranking above Rome and other European locations.

The promise of warm temperatures and sunshine during Easter 2014, with Easter Sunday falling on 20 of April, is definitely a factor favouring southern European destinations. Lisbon and Barcelona, ranking high in accommodation bookings, appeal to tourists not only by the typical city break attractions but also by the perspective of a relaxing time on the beach, sunbathing or practicing water sports.

British capital is the only domestic destination in the ranking. 

Top city break destinations for Easter 2014
Article: Top city break destinations for Easter 2014
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