The worlds fastest airport - Budapest Airport Runway Run

In terms of passengers, Budapest Airport in Hungary has seen an increase to a record all time high 9.1 million passengers going through the airport in 2014 and the growth is expected to continue in year 2015.

Growing airport traffic in major European airports is the order of the day, but in the case of Budapest Airport it is particularly impressive to reach record high passenger numbers as the airport, as recent as in 2012, suffered a major blow when the Hungarian flag carrier Malev ceased operations. At that time, Malev accounted for 40% of traffic in Budapest Airport.

New routes to Budapest Airport in 2015 include Ryanair from Copenhagen Airport, a Prague connection with Air Baltic and flights from Birmingham Airport with Wizz Air.

Londoners coming to Budapest in high numbers
The most popular routes to Budapest are the London-connections from Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Stansted airports with the airlines Norwegian, Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizzair and British Airways.

In the summer of 2015, the number of weekly departures to the London airports from Budapest amounted to a staggering 87 flights.

The second and third most popular flights to Budapest are from Paris and Brussels Airports followed by the destinations Istanbul, Frankfurt, Munich and Warsaw, Poland.

Airport Runway Run ver 3.0 in Budapest
Budapest Airport is famous for its airport runs.

Since 2013, the one day running event has been organized by Budapest Airport in cooperation with sponsors.

The 2015 charity event takes place on September 5th. Employees from airlines, airports and enterprises across the aviation community can participate in running either 12 or 5 kilometres on runway 13R-31L in Budapest Airport.

The Budapest Airport Runway Run sponsors are giving away trophies for a variety of wins; amongst them a trophy for being the fastest airport in the world, This particularly cherished prize was won last year by employees from Krakow Airport, Poland.

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The worlds fastest airport - Budapest Airport Runway Run
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