Ryanair Sun – new charter airline from Ryanair to start flying from Poland in 2018

The largest European low-cost carrier Ryanair strives to offer an each time more comprehensive product to their customers.

While when booking a cheap flights with Ryanair it is also possible to book also car rental, as well as accommodation and transfers (under the banner of Ryanair Holiday service), the airlines is taking one step further to strengthen its position on the leisure travel market.

Ryanair Holidays
Ryanair Holiday is the new low-cost package holiday service, available via airline’s website, makes booking flights, hotels and transfers easier.

In late March 2017 plans to create a budget charter airline were announced. The new standalone airline will be called Ryanair Sun and is to be based in Poland. Not much information about the new carrier have been disclosed so far.

It is known, however, that in the initial phase of operations, scheduled for launching in the 2018 summer season the airline’s fleet will consist of five aircrafts Boeing 737-800.

Ryanair Sun’s offer will be directed to tour operators and unavailable to individual clients.

The list or even suggestions of possible destinations have not been revealed but it is to expect that it will include the most popular holiday destinations of Southern Europe.

It is not clear either which airport will become the base for the new airline. Warsaw Modlin Airport, where Ryanair is currently the only carrier, seems to be an obvious choice. However, Katowice Airport in southern Poland which specializes in charter flights from Poland may come into play.

Despite the scarcity of information about the new airline, it can be assumed that the launching plans are indeed advanced, as the company is already recruiting, advertising job openings for the following management positions: Head of Contracts, Head of Ground Operations, Head of Training, Compliance Manage and Safety Manager. Chief Engineer, Chief Pilot and Chief Commercial Officer are also wanted.

Poland is one of the most important markets for Ryanair. The airlines has currently 4 bases at the major Polish airports of Warsaw Modlin, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Krakow and from 2017/2018 winter season also at Poznan Airport. In 2017, the airline plans to transport 10 million Polish passengers.

It is expected that after launching in Poland, the concepts of a low-cost charter airline will be exporte to the Czech and German markets. 

Ryanair Sun –  new charter airline from Ryanair to start flying from Poland in 2018
Article: Ryanair Sun – new charter airline from Ryanair to start flying from Poland in 2018
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