Ryanair base in Brussels Zaventem - new low-cost routes at Brussels Airport

Ryanair announces the second, after Brussels-Charleroi, Belgium base. The location chosen for the new base of Europe’s leading low-cost carrier is Zaventem Airport situated approx. 7 miles north-east of Brussels.

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With four based aircrafts and 10 new routes, Zaventem Airport will become Ryanair's 62nd European base

Ryanair - new low-cost routes to Brussels (Brussels-Zaventem Airport)
The inauguration of the new base in February 2014 will bring new possibilities for budget travellers to and from the Belgian capital.

New low-cost routes at Brussels-Zaventem Airport will be available to and from: Alicante, Barcelona, Ibiza, Lisbon, Malaga, Palma, Porto, Rome, Valencia and Venice totaling 200 flights per week.

See below the frequency of Ryanair’s routes at Zaventem Airport (BRU):

  • Alicante (ALC) - 14 weekly flights
  • Barcelona - 42 weekly flights
  • Ibiza (IBZ) - 14 weekly flights
  • Lisbon (LIS) - 28 weekly flights
  • Malaga (AGP) - 14 weekly flights
  • Palma (PMI) - 14 weekly flights
  • Porto (OPO) - 14 weekly flights
  • Rome-Fiumicino (FCO) - 28 weekly flights
  • Valencia (VLC) - 14 weekly flights
  • Venice-Treviso (TSF) - 14 weekly flights

It is estimated that Ryanair’s new routes to and from Brussels will serve 1.500000 passengers per year.

Ryanair revamps - new website features
At the same time as extending the network and frequency of flights, Ryanair is introducing a series of changes in its policies aiming at improving the image of the company and captivating more families and business travelers.

Ryanair’s makeover includes customer service improvement, easier booking with 24 hour grace period for minor booking errors, seat allocations for all the passengers, more relaxed luggage policy and many more steps to be revealed in the first months of 2014.

Also the company’s digital platform is being redesigned with many useful features added for customer’s convenience. Different language tailored versions of Ryanair website will be available from mid-2014, starting with Spanish and Italian.  

In order to change the public’s perception of the company, the somewhat controversial Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary has announced his withdrawal from the company’s frontline.

Ryanair base in Brussels Zaventem -  new low-cost routes at Brussels Airport
Article: Ryanair base in Brussels Zaventem - new low-cost routes at Brussels Airport
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