Portuguese TAP airline is among the best air carriers in the world

For the second time the airline TAP Air Portugal was considered to be one of the best carriers in the world due to the quality of its services by the ranking, organized by the eDreams portal.

EDreams portal is one of the largest online travel companies, which offers a wide range of travel-related services from airline tickets, car rentals to accommodation, has been doing a ranking since 2012.

TAP Air Portugal
Portuguese flag carrier has recently been rebranded as 'TAP Air Portugal'.

The best airlines were selected on the basis of 60,000 marks made by the portal's users. The average 3.71 points on a scale from 0 to 5, gained by TAP, guaranteed the Portuguese carrier a place in the top ten – on the 10th place.

This year, the leader of the ranking is the Turkish Airlines, which managed to accumulate 4.15 points and take away the first position of Arab Emirates lines, which was the leader in the previous edition of the ranking.

The positions from the second to the ninth were occupied by the following airlines:

  • Aegean Airlines – the Greek carrier collected 4.1 points
  • Swiss International – 3.99 points in average
  • Lufthansa – 3.95 points
  • Austrian Airlines – 3.95 points
  • Emirates –3.49 points achieved in average in the last edition of the ranking means a noticeable decrease compared to the result from last year
  • Scandinavian Airlines – 3.84 points
  • Aeroflot – 3.75 points
  • Air France – 3.74 points.

Apart from Portugal, TAP got the best marks in Spain and the United Kingdom. Portuguese appreciated the Spanish lines Iberia and Air Europa.

The new categories appeared in the last edition of the ranking: the Best Proportion Between Value and Price, the Best Service on Board and the Best Service for VIP Passengers. They joined already existing categories: Entertainment on Board and Check-in.

The year 2012 was extremely successful for the Portuguese carrier. TAP airline transported 14.2 million passengers. That means the 21.7% of increase compared to the previous year. Worth paying attention to are the quickly growing routes Lisbon – Porto, Lisbon – Funchal (Madeira) and three transatlantic connections – from the capital of Portugal to New York, Boston and Toronto.

Portuguese TAP airline is among the best air carriers in the world
Article: Portuguese TAP airline is among the best air carriers in the world
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