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Poland new car sales 2014 - Skoda is the big winner with Octavia, Fabia, Rapid and Superb all in Top 15

Who wants to buy a Skoda? Apparently most people in Poland are happy doing just that according to the absolutely bumper Skoda 2014 new car sales in Poland.

In short, Skoda has hugely increased its presence in the market for new cars in Poland in front of makes like Volkswagen, Ford, Opel and of course Toyota.

It is not totally surprising, though. You get an awful lot of value for money and new Skoda cars are increasingly more sophisticated too. Even business CEO's in Poland are seen being ferried around in new black Skoda Superb's, chauffeur driven, naturally, in Warsaw City Centre.

Skoda Octavia popular rental car in Poland
Skoda Octavia at Hertz car rental Warsaw city centre. © Photo:

The total figures for Polish 2014 new passenger car sales Top-10 for manufacturers are:

  • Skoda - 43.150 new cars registered in Poland
  • VW - 31.090
  • Toyota - 30.709
  • Opel - 26.360
  • Ford - 23.253
  • Kia - 16.841
  • Renault - 16.699
  • Hyundai  - 15.144
  • Dacia - 13.053
  • Peugeot - 12.251

In total, 327.219 new passenger cars found owners in Poland in year 2014. In increase of 12,9% compared to 2013.

Only Fiat (minus 13,4%), Hyundai (minus 10%), Kia (minus 1,8%) and Suzuki (minus 1,8%) of the 20 most sold manufacturers saw a decrease in sales. Opel was up a whopping 40%, Toyota was up 30,8% and outside the Top-10 manufacturers Mazda was up 76,7% overshadowed by Seat which could show a healthy increase of 142,8% in place number 20. 

New car in Poland - would you want a Skoda?
Today, in Warsaw, you will see just as many new BMW X5's, Audi A6's and fancy Japanese SUV cars as in any other European metropolis. The heavy registration tax (apart from 23% VAT on purchase price) in Poland is a thing of the past. Nowadays registration tax for new cars in Poland typically ranges between 600 and 1400 euros.

The reason for the 'Rise of the Skoda' in Poland is obviously not rich people getting richer - on the contrary. The Polish Skoda-boom is caused by the much more important and much more modest rise of the increasingly affluent middle class.

Poland is growing in economic and political power terms and so are the aspirations of the Polish people. In 2014, the 25th anniversary of the fall of communism was celebrated European wide.  Who knows, maybe in another 25 years time, if the trend continues, Audi, Mercedes and BMW cars will enter the Top-10 of new car sales in Poland.

So far BMW is number 14 with 7.708 units against Mercedes at place number 16 with 7.493 new cars and with Audi on 17th place with 6.856 new cars in Poland in 2014. 

Please find the 2014 Top-20 new car sales for individual models in Poland below:

  • Skoda Octavia - 13.947 units
  • Skoda Fabia - 9.626 units
  • Ford Focus - 9.321
  • VW Golf - 9.198
  • Opel Astra - 8.798
  • Toyota Auris - 8.678
  • Toyota Yaris - 7.786
  • Skoda Rapid - 7.778
  • Opel Corsa - 7.160
  • Dacia Duster - 6.267
  • Renault Clio - 6.074
  • VW Passat - 5.966
  • Kia Sportage - 5.287
  • Nissan Qashqai - 5.251
  • Skoda Superb - 5.023
  • Kia Cee'd - 5.010
  • Hyundai i30 - 4.460
  • Hyundai ix35 - 4.432
  • Opel Insignia - 4.089
  • Renault Megane - 4.065

Poland new car sales 2014 - Skoda is the big winner with Octavia, Fabia, Rapid and Superb all in Top 15
Article: Poland new car sales 2014 - Skoda is the big winner with Octavia, Fabia, Rapid and Superb all in Top 15
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Latest revision: Friday, January 16 2015

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