Ryanair and Wizzair back to Modlin - Modlin Airport resumes operations in January 2013

Warsaw-Modlin Airport, in Poland, is believed to resume all operations by January 23, 2013.

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In December 22nd 2012, all flights to the fairly new low-cost airport near the Polish capital were suspended for safety reasons, due to cracks appearing on the surface of the runway.

All the scheduled flights  Ryanair and Wizzair to Modlin Airport, as well as the charter traffic, were move to the main Warsaw Chopin Airport.

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Initially, Modlin Airport was believed to recommence activity only by January 29th, 2013. With the repair works finished in due time,  the date was anticipated  for January 23rd, 2013.

However, more disruption in the scheduled air traffic is expected in Modlin later this year.  According to the preliminary study by the Building Inspectorate, for the optimal effect, the whole surface of the runway should be replaced, as soon as the weather allows it, in spring 2013.

Low-cost flights to Warsaw – alternatives to Modlin Airport
Modlin Airport was inaugurated in July 2012. It is located approx. 25 miles distance north of Polish capital, Warsaw. Conceived as an auxiliary airport to the busy Warsaw Chopin Airport, Modlin soon assumed the function of Warsaw's low-cost airport.

Two budget carriers, Ryanair and Wizzair are present in Modlin with a vast selection of routes to major European destinations. Cheap flights from the UK to Warsaw Modlin are available from Bristol, Doncaster/Sheffield, East Midlands, Glasgow-Prestwick, Liverpool, London-Luton, London-Stansted and Manchester.

The low cost Modlin Airport operates an average of 20 flights per day, handling approx. 5000 passengers per day.

Passengers destined to Warsaw/central Poland can consider, as an alternative, the following low-cost airports closest to Warsaw:

  • Lodz Airport – an international airport, located 90 miles south-west of Warsaw. Offers an interesting choice of flights from the UK, with Ryanair, as well as Wizzair's route from London-Luton.
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  • Lublin Airport – new low-cost airport, situated 110 miles south-east of Warsaw. Scheduled flights include Wizzair and Ryanair´s routes from London-Stansted, London-Luton and Liverpool (begins 1 April 2013).
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The main Warsaw airport, Warsaw-Chopin, does not operate low-cost flights on a regular basis. Reasonably priced flight to Warsaw Chopin can be frequently found in the offer of the national Polish airline LOT.

Car Hire Modlin Airport - return to normal operation
All passengers with car hire reservations in Modlin Airport (flights to Modlin) will automatically be able to collect their vehicle in the temporary back-up Warsaw-Chopin Airport until normal operations in Modlin are restored by January 23rd, 2013.

UPDATE: In late January 2013 there was still a delay in repairworks on Modlin Airport runway. Wizzair and Ryanair operations remain at Warsaw-Chopin Airport - read more here.

Ryanair and Wizzair back to Modlin - Modlin Airport resumes operations in January 2013
Article: Ryanair and Wizzair back to Modlin - Modlin Airport resumes operations in January 2013
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