KEF – Iceland’s main airport Keflavik continues to break records

KEF is the IATA code short for Keflavik Airport.

Located on the outskirts of Reykjavik, the Icelandic capital, KEF is the main airport in Iceland. You might have also heard about the much smaller Reykjavik Airport - RKV, this minor airport, however handles solely domestic traffic. All planes from abroad will land in Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport – KEF.Keflavik Airport
Keflavik Airport’s terminal.

The popularity of Iceland as a tourist destination is on the rise, especially amongst those travellers who have already explored the most obvious locations in Europe and are looking for something different. The passenger numbers at Keflavik Airport have been steadily increasing for a few years now. 10.4 million travellers are expected to be handled in KEF in 2018, a number which represents a 18% increase from last year.

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Is Iceland expensive?
The answer is, indisputably, YES, and very much so…

However, the attractions of Iceland are great and the fantastic feeling of being a bit detached from the world when driving outside of Reykjavik is still there. In the Icelandic capital, however, brace yourself for very heavy bills for everything, from hotels, AirBNB and other forms of holiday accommodation, to restaurants and coffee-to-go on the high street.

Renting a car in Iceland may actually be one of the cheapest experiences as prices have gone down in recent years.

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Keflavik Airport (KEF) expects 10,4 million passengers in 2018
If the passenger number forecast for 2018 are correct, the 29 airlines operating currently at Keflavik Airport will transport about 10 million passengers in 2018.

In total, Iceland’s main airport will offer connections to 101 destinations; a great majority of them in available in the summer-season only.

The new airlines confirmed in Keflavik Airport are: United Airlines (with routes from Newark, New York), American Airlines (from Dallas/Fort Worth), Luxair from Luxembourg and the Russian S7 on the route from Moscow.

KEF – Iceland’s main airport Keflavik continues to break records
Article: KEF – Iceland’s main airport Keflavik continues to break records
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