Wow Air taking over Iceland Express low fare airline

As per October 23rd 2012, Icelandic low price airline Wow Air has taken over its competitor Iceland Express. Low fare airline Wow Air, which only started operating last year, is looking not only to expand its number of European destinations, but also increase its frequency to existing destinations.

Wow Air promises that there will be little or no interruption to those who’ve already booked a future flight with Iceland Express. Wow Air will fulfil all its obligations to those who have got a booking through Iceland Express.

Wow Air CEO Skulli Mogensen will continue as CEO in the merged company. In an announcement Wow Air explains that, rather than starting parallel routes competing with Iceland Express, a merger made better sense as Wow Air will benefit from Iceland Express’ experience on certain destinations as well as gaining valuable knowhow from Iceland Express, which is Iceland’s first ever low price airline.

Wow Air routes - destination map
As a result of the takeover, Wow Air will immediately increase the number of flights from Iceland to London and Copenhagen from Keflavik International Airport.  Furthermore, winter season flights to Berlin, Warsaw, Salzburg and Kaunas have been added to the Wow air destination map. You can read more about cheap car hire in Berlin, Warsaw, Salzburg and Kaunas on the "Find Cheap Car Hire" website.

From next spring Wow Air will be adding four Airbus A320 aircrafts to its fleet offering 400,000 seats to and from Iceland. Some of the company's plans for next season involve fifteen destinations in Europe: London, Copenhagen, Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Zurich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Lyon, Alicante, Frankfurt, Vilnius and Warsaw.

WOW Air Iceland

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Wow Air taking over Iceland Express low fare airline
Article: Wow Air taking over Iceland Express low fare airline
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