Hertz-Ryanair car rental lottery – win a potentially free Hertz car hire in August - September 2014

The battle for rent-a-car customers is fierce in Europe, where many car hire companies face 10-20 competitors in the same destination.

Hertz, one of the world’s leading car hire brands steps up the game by launching, in collaboration with  low-cost airline Ryanair, a lottery in which the prize is a refund of costs of car rental in August in September 2014.

Free rental or reduced bills for Hertz car hire for the lucky ones
The goal of the new campaign is to prompt Ryanair’s customers to book car hire via integrated flight-and-car rental booking system available on Ryanair’s website (which also enables bookings from Firefly Car Rental or Thrifty, Hertz’s subsidiaries).

Every customer booking a Hertz car between 1 -31 August 2014 via Ryanair site is eligible for the refund of car rental costs up to £250. The rental (pick-up and return) must take place between 1 August 2014 and 30 September 2014 and only the base rental costs are refundable (not optional extras or fuel).

There is a total of 31 prizes to win.

The campaign extends also to car rental from Thirfty and Firefly. The latter is a low-cost brand of Hertz and often associated with lower standard of car hire services and less advantageous car rental conditions. One of the frequent downsides of Firefly car hire in airports is often a remote location of the rental desks in relation to the terminal.

Cheapest car rental not always with Ryanair
Being automatically eligible for the lottery is surely appealing for Hertz customers renting through Ryanair website. The convenience of making a flight and car rental booking in one process is also an advantage to most customers. However, Ryanair / Hertz car rentals are not always the cheapest ones, nor the rental conditions are the most advantageous.

The editors of www.find-cheap-car-hire.co.uk recommend all car rental customers to consider different options before booking car hire. Internet search engines of car hire, widely available nowadays, make it very easy to compare prices, as well as rental conditions in a short and simple process.  When choosing car hire offer based on price only, we are likely to overlook other important features of the rental, such as the distance from the airport to the pick-up location, fuel or mileage policy, etc.. Lower price of the rental, attractive to a single traveller, may not necessarily be as much of an advantage for a family travelling on holiday with children, who do not like to be “shuttled around” after a long flight.

The conditions of Hertz Ryanair car rental lottery
The draw to determine the 31 winners of Ryanair Hertz lottery takes place on 7 October 2014.

All car rentals eligible for the lottery should be paid according to standard terms; the prize is intended to refund the base car hire costs up to £250. No optional extras or gasoline charges are refundable.

The winners of the lottery will be notified by email and the refunds are issued by 21 October 2014.

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Hertz-Ryanair car rental lottery – win a potentially free Hertz car hire in August - September 2014
Article: Hertz-Ryanair car rental lottery – win a potentially free Hertz car hire in August - September 2014
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