Hertz Green Collection available now in Mexico City

Hertz Rent A Car is the first car rental company to offer hybrid car rental in Mexico. Hertz Green Collection, which in the United States is known as Green Traveller Collection made available a fleet of rental Toyota Prius, at first only in the capital, Mexico City.

With nearly 9 million inhabitants, Mexico City is not only the country’s largest metropolis, but also one of the major cities in the Americas. Environmental problems - heavy traffic and CO2 emissions - are an important issue in Mexico City and Hertz’s initiative is one of many undertaken by transportation companies following the eco-friendliness trend.

Interesting from the user of a Prius (owner or a car rental customer)’s point of view: hybrid cars in Mexico City are exempt from several of the city’s driving limitations, which means access to bus lanes and easier parking, amongst others.

The most iconic of hybrid cars, Toyota Prius 2016 is on offer in all Hertz rental stations in Mexico City (airport and downtown locations).

Unlike Prius’ older versions, which prioritised practicality over looks and were often considered little attractive, the fourth generation of the iconic Japanese hybrid brings more of a modern, sleek design.

Advanced hybrid technology which alternates between the conventional engine and the electric one, allow for even greater fuel-savings, without compromising performance and driving experience. The Prius automatically switches to electric power in slow movement (for example in traffic jams) or when driving on slopes.

Also the interior of the 2016 Prius - wider and longer than in the previous versions - has been updated. The car is equipped with a variety of modern features, which enhance both driver’s and passengers’ experience, from a redesigned central console with two screens operated by a steering wheel-mounted control, to a wireless phone charging console.

Hertz Green Collection is one of several dedicated fleet segments of the company in Mexico, along with Prestige Collection of elegant, premium vehicles and Adrenaline Collection including high-performance cars.

Hertz Green Collection available now in Mexico City
Article: Hertz Green Collection available now in Mexico City
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