Genoa Airport allows pesto sauce in the cabin luggage

While the large majority of airlines and airports have adopted strict (and each time stricter) rules on transporting liquids in the carry-on luggage, one Italian airport has made an interesting (and delicious) exception.

Contrary to the common 100 ml of liquid per passenger in a cabin luggage rule, Genoa Airport allows, since 1 June, to transport on outbound flights up to half a litre of the local pesto sauce.

The sauce, made primarily of basil leaves, pine nuts and olive oil, known in Italy as pesto Genovese is a gastronomic landmark of Genoa and one of the most sold ‘souvenirs’ in the famous port city.

The travellers are allowed to take with them one 500 ml jar of pesto, or two up to 250 ml jars, provided they have made a donation to the local Flying Angels charity which specializes in helping to transport pediatric patients.

The donation of a suggested minimum value of 50 cents can be made either at the airport ticket office or at the store where the pesto is purchased. A sticker Il Pesto è Buono, meaning ‘pesto is good’ placed on each pesto jar after the donation is required for the passengers to be able to transport the delicacy in the carry-on luggage.

The first three weeks rendered 500 euros worth of donations.

The idea seems to have please the public. According to the Genoa Airport’s authorities, jars with pesto sauce are amongst the items most often confiscated by the security. The relaxing of the carry-on luggage liquid policy not only pleases the pesto lovers, be them tourist leaving Genoa or the Genoese wanting to take a little bit of ‘home’ with them, but also boosts the local economy and helps a noble case.

It is important, however, to remember, that lifting of the liquid ban applies specifically and only to pesto sauce. 

Genoa Airport allows pesto sauce in the cabin luggage
Article: Genoa Airport allows pesto sauce in the cabin luggage
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