Travelling with pets - rules in terms of transporting pets with the most popular airlines from England

It’s a legitimate and simple question: am I allowed to bring pets, like dogs and cats, along with me in the cabin, when I fly?

The answer, however, is not a clear yes or no. Some airline companies are expressing a loud and clear yes, others have rules that make it difficult to bring along animals and some airlines say that pets are only allowed in the cargo compartment of the plane.

Travel with pets

Which airlines allow pets in the cabin?
Listed below are the airways that are the most used airlines in England, together with an extract of their rules of bringing animals along in the cabin (this is primarily regarding pets).

The low-cost carrier Easyjet, who has destinations in Germany, Spain, Italy and France, does not, under any circumstances, allow transportation of live animals whatsoever - neither in the cabin nor in the cargo compartment. The only exception, they will make, is with guide dogs and other dogs accompanying passengers with special needs.

Another one of Europa’s large low-cost airline companies, Ryanair, who has destinations in Spain, Italy and Portugal among others, does not allow animals in their planes either - except guide dogs, who are allowed to accompany passengers on domestic flights and flights within the European Union. However, when flying from/to Great Britain and Ireland, it is required to have an EU animal passport or an official veterinary certificate. Read more information about Ryanair’s rules regarding animal transport.

Pets are not allowed in the cabin on Flybe flights. All enquiries regarding pets must be sent to Flybe Cargo. When bringing a pet along on a flight, Flybe require that you obtain a document from a registred vet, stating that the pet is fit to fly. The document must have been obtained within 10 days prior to departure. 

Read more about Flybe's animal transportation rules

British Airways
British Airways are happy to bring pets along, but they are to be kept in the cargo compartment. Only qualified Eye Seeing Dogs and service dogs can be brought aboard in the cabin. More information about travelling with pets at British Airways website

The biggest airline company of Europe, German Lufthansa, is especially known for travelling from the German junctions in Frankfurt and Munich.

Lufthansa allows their passengers to bring small dogs and cats in the cabin, assuming they are transported in a container for animal transport, and that the total weight of the animal and container does not exceed 8 kg.

Large animals are kept in the cargo compartment. It is to be noted, that you have to bring your own container and book a seat no later than 24 hours before departure.

Read more about Lufthansa’s rules of animal transport.
The low-cost carrier Jet2 is happy to welcome service dogs in their cabin, when the trip is booked through their Assistance Team. Jet2 does not allow transport of other animals - not in the cabin nor in the cargo hold. Ask questions and find answers about Jet2's animal policy.

Monarch Airlines
Monarch Airlines are happy to carry pets on their flights. However, you will be charged for each animal, you bring. Besids from that, Monarch only allow six pets per flight and the carriage of pets must be conducted in agreement with the PETS Passport Scheme as authorised by DEFRA. The pets are not allowed in the cabin, and are prohibited from flights occuring on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Read more about flying Monarch with animals

BMI Regional
Travelling with pets is not permitted, when flying with BMI Regional. Only service dogs are allowed on their flights, but only on UK domestic flights. Bringing guide dogs is free of charge with BMI Regional. 

Read more about BMI Regional rules for animal transportation

Travelling with pets - rules in terms of transporting pets with the most popular airlines from England
Article: Travelling with pets - rules in terms of transporting pets with the most popular airlines from England
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