Easyjet opens new route from London-Gatwick to Jersey Airport (JER)

The channel island of Jersey is a popular retreat for British and Irish tourists; in particular for the London-based couple for an extended weekend.

The average stay in Jersey on one of its approximately 140 hotels is about 4 or 5 days.

In 2012, the island of Jersey had a total some 680.000 visitors, a slight decrease compared to 2011, but from the greater London area, the increase in leisure visitors was remarkable.

Easyjet takes over FlyBe routes from London-Gatwick to Jersey Airport
As from March 30th 2014, Easyjet will fly to Jersey from London-Gatwick Airport.

The Luton based low cost carrier already flies to Jersey from Glasgow, Liverpool and London-Southend Airport. From Newcastle Airport, Easyjet operates a summer service to Jersey.

The new Jersey route from Gatwick will be by the Airbus A319 type of plane with 156 seats available. Easyjet low cost seats on Jersey flights will be available.

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German & French Jersey tourism and plans for more Scandinavians
After the British, Irish and other Channel Island visitors (CI visitors), tourists from Germany and France are by far the largest groups of nationalities to visit Jersey.

Some 36.000 French holiday makers went to Jersey in 2012; many of them from the Brittany region in Northern France.

The German number of tourists on Jersey reached nearly 14.000 in 2012.

For the tourist industry in Jersey, Scandinavia is an increasingly interesting market. Due to the high profile of Jersey in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark, Northern Europe and Scandinavia in particular is seen as growth market for Jersey tourism.

As per 2013, however, all Scandinavian tourists must touch down and change plane in London to visit Jersey in the English Channel. In Scandinavia, Jersey is particularly known from the Bergerac TV-series from the late 1980s starring John Nettles as Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac.

Easyjet opens new route from London-Gatwick to Jersey Airport (JER)
Article: Easyjet opens new route from London-Gatwick to Jersey Airport (JER)
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