Dollar Thrifty Car Rental – record earnings in Q3 2011

In October 2011, the Dollar-Thrifty car rental group announced its best 3rdquarter to date.

With a revenue of $452 million in 3rdquarter 2011, Dollar-Thrifty car rentals were up by 2,4% from last year Q3. If measured on rental days, Dollar and Thrifty cars were hired 4,1% more than in Q3 2010.

The total number of Thrifty and Dollar cars was up 4,3% compared to 2010 bringing down the utilisation of the fleet of vehicles by only a fraction.

Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental
Dollar and Thrifty are separate car rental brands and are particularly strong in the market for car hire in The States and Canada with a total of around 600 rental stations in North America.

The Dollar Thrifty Car Rental group was formed in 1997 and, in 2011, was present in 82 countries. All together, Dollar and Thrifty car hire offices can be found in about 1575 locations worldwide (year 2011).

Dollar-Thrifty connections with Chrysler
Few Europeans know that the car manufacturer Chrysler founded the Dollar and Thrifty rental businesses, using its own car makes only as rental vehicles.

The Dollar and Thrifty purchase of Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge cars for hire has not stopped entirely.

When Chrysler spun off its car rental business in 1997, the Dollar Thrifty Car Rental Group;  also known on the New York Stock Exchange as DTG, slowly started looking for other suppliers of cars for the rental business. The majority of rental vehicles from Dollar and Thrifty in the early 2000’s were still sourced from Chrysler.

It was not until 2009, that the US Dollar and Thrifty cars for hire frequently became non-Chrysler cars from suppliers such as Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Kia and Honda.

In some countries in Europe, the brand Eurodollar with a yellow/red logo was previously marketed by Dollar-Thrifty as a European low cost car rental brand. In 2011, Eurodollar cars could still be found in The Middle East and in Greece.

Nowadays, the large majority of Dollar-Thrifty car rental franchises in European countries have shifted to the well-known brands Thrifty and Dollar car rental.

Dollar Thrifty Car Rental – record earnings in Q3 2011
Article: Dollar Thrifty Car Rental – record earnings in Q3 2011
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