Discounts and offers for car rental – available when completing bookings in week 33 (13th to 19th August)

When renting a car in August, several suppliers are offering promotions and special offers.

See current offers for car rental with discount

The offerings vary from country to country. In some countries, for instance, there will be discounts on car rental from say Hertz or Interrent, and in other countries you can find promotions offering free extra driver, free upgrade or maybe no charge for rental of child seat.

VW Golf
Rent a practical 5-door supermini – cheap offers available like the VW Polo

In week 33, which runs from August 13th to August 19th 2017, customers booking holiday rentals on have access to the following offers (examples from popular holiday destinations):

Dubai cars for rent – discounts and offers
The United Arab Emirates are attracting holiday makers to Dubai and to a lesser extent to Abu Dhabi.

Check offers for cars in Dubai

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Avis is offering free additional driver, Dollar and Thrifty offer free GPS in the cheaper vehicles and all three companies (Dollar, Thrifty and Avis) offer a free upgrade when booking a hire car in week 33.

Furthermore, Dollar has renewed its fleet, and the low cost company offers guaranteed new cars 2016-2017 year of reg., and some additional discounts from standard rates in certain car classes.

For the more advanced drivers, please consult our Guide To Supercar Rental In Dubai: “Should I hire a performance car in Dubai?”

Holiday car in Spain with discount – week 33 (when booking in this week)
Travelling low cost to Spain is a must. Flights are affordable and it turns out that car rental is too.

VW Beetle Convertible
Summer fun in Spain – rent a VW Beetle cabriolet or similar

Especially in the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, cars tend to be very affordable to rent. Barcelona is more expensive in general. Malaga and Alicante have very attractive offers available on smaller vehicles.

In week 33, the Spanish suppliers are not supposed to offer big discounts as it is high season. If you look at Top Car Autoreisen, Malco, OK Rent A Car, Drivalia, Hertz or Orlando Car Rental, you are offered free additional driver.

Discounts from standard August rates at Spanish rental suppliers can be had from Spanish company Record Go, Interrent, Thrifty and Hertz. We would not recommend going with Goldcar or Rhodium, which also offer discounts, but are notoriously known for cheating customers ‘Ryanair-style’ with inflated extra fees for this-and-that.


All offers are subject to availability. Bookings must be completed in week 33 (13-19 August 2017). Some periods of rental can be excluded from discounts. The list of discounts is not comprehensive. You will be able to find additional offers for free upgrades, free GPS, free extra driver, free child seat rental etc.

Discounts and offers for car rental – available when completing bookings in week 33 (13th to 19th August)
Article: Discounts and offers for car rental – available when completing bookings in week 33 (13th to 19th August)
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