Flip flop ban in Cinque Terre, Italy

A new safety measure is put in place from summer 2019 for tourists going to the picturesque Cinque Terre ‘five lands’ area in Liguria, Italy.

Tourists can no longer wear flip-flops, sandals or pumps when hiking in Cinque Terre national park.

Flip flops ban

Fines for breaking the ban can run up to €2500 depending on the cost of assistance needed. A €50 fine will be the standard fare for not wearing proper boots or shoes that are good for mountainous roads and stairs.

Poor safety in flip flops – ban due to reckless behaviour
The flip flop ban in Cinque Terre is the result of numerous tourists trying to complete walks along the very rocky Cinque Terra coastline in all sorts of footwear.

Cinque Terre map

Cinque Terre map.

Local emergency services in Cinque Terre have had enough.

According to the authorities, the ban will be communicated to tourists and only the ones that do not take the flip flop ban seriously, will be fined. 

Cinque Terre Italy – tourists flock to this amazing place
The area is known as Cinque Terre which directly translated is ‘five lands’. It consists of 5 old fishing villages on the Italian Riviera south of Genova.

As one of Italy’s many World Heritage Sites, it is a protected area and tourism is managed in order to minimize damage.

The number of visitors has soared in recent years and, in particular, the summer can become crowded.

Best to book your hotel in Cinque Terre well in advance and if possible outside peak summer season. The 5 villages are:

  • Monterosso al Mare
  • Vernazza
  • Corniglia
  • Manrola
  • Riomaggiore

To the North of the 5 villages, the largest town is Levanto. To the South, the town of Portovenere is not far away.

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Flip flop ban in Cinque Terre, Italy
Article: Flip flop ban in Cinque Terre, Italy
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