Car hire cheaper than rail travel in Denmark

Danish news paper MetroExpress recently published an article revealing that when travelling across the country car hire is the cheaper option out of car hire versus train journey in Denmark.

One of the examples is a return journey from Copenhagen international Airport to the city of Aarhus in Jutland. Providing that 4 people are travelling with a discounted group ticket by the Danish National Railway service (DSB), rail travel is the more expensive option.

Example specifics Copenhagen – Aarhus – Car hire versus Train Denmark
Four people on a weekend trip Copenhagen to Aarhus

  • Price Sixt car hire, Fuel and Ferry Odden – Aarhus: DKK 1900 (£205)
  • Price DSB train ticket (Copenhagen-Aarhus) with mini group discount: DKK 2464 (£266)

The saving by choosing car rental instead of train travel on the specific journey in Denmark is over 25% cheaper. Furthermore, car hire offers additional flexibility if transportation is required during the stay in Denmark. DSB argues that all members of a travelling group will be able to relax and even enjoy alcohol during a train journey.

In the above example, campaign discounts and permanent rail cards haven’t been worked in to the equation. The latter would however not apply or be feasible for short term tourists as railcards would require permanent residency in Denmark.

In the MetroExpress’ calculation the hire car is expected to return 35 mpg with an average fuel cost of £1.25 per litre.

Cost of weekend car hire in Denmark - compare prices with Cartrawler
Cost of the hire car for the weekend was 795 Danish kroner (£85) and 900 DKK for the Ferry return ticket. As per November 2012 we have found car hire rates from as little as DKK 650 (£70) for a weekends car hire in Denmark using Cartrawler. £85 will typically get you a Golf or similar sized rental car in Denmark.

Compare car hire from Sixt Denmark and other car rental companies in Denmark with Cartrawler

Car hire cheaper than rail travel in Denmark
Article: Car hire cheaper than rail travel in Denmark
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