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Avis Rent a Car launches Wi-Fi Mobile Service in Europe - Hire a car with internet access

Thinking of travelers’ eternal struggle to stay connected, whether on a business trip or on holiday, Avis Rent a Car has added a new, useful mobile internet feature to their rental offer.

Internet access in hire cars - Avis WI-FI
Portable Wi-Fi connectivity device available with Avis hire cars allows customer to enjoy broad band wireless internet everywhere without depending on Wi-Fi spots or risking costly data roaming bills.

Up to 5 mobile devices - laptops, smartphones or tablets and other WI-FI enabled devices - can be connected to Avis Wi-Fi simultaneously in the hire car or out of it, as the Wi-Fi device is small enough to be carried in a pocket.

Priced at € 8,5 per day, Avis Wi-Fi is subject to availability and can be booked in advance together with the rental vehicle or requested at the counter upon customers’ arrival in some of the airport locations in Spain, Germany and in the UK.

WI-FI Car hire mobile internet service in Europe
In the first phase (July 2012) of implementation of the new mobile product, Avis Wi-Fi service is available in:

  • Avis Germany
    Munich Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Stuttgart Airport, Berlin Tegel Airport, Dusseldorf Airport, Hannover Airport, Hamburg Airport
  • Avis Spain
    Barcelona Airport, Madrid Airport
  • Avis UK
    Edinburgh Airport

Beware that the Avis Wi-Fi solution is destined for use in the pick-up country only, with no possibility of roaming. Avis Wi-FI is also not available for one way rentals in Europe.

Also beware that even though Avis promotes the WI-FI solution as "Unlimited", in the fine print is says that a "fair usage policy applies" and speed may be reduced if usage exceeds 500 MB per day. (Which is easily possible when streaming video over the internet).

In the quest to enhance even further the rental offer, Avis offers a range of internet services, available on major mobile platforms, Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows phone, such as GPS navigation, Avis Chauffeur drive services, electronic toll collection and Rapid Return, the automated rental cars return solution.

Avis Rent a Car launches Wi-Fi Mobile Service in Europe - Hire a car with internet access
Article: Avis Rent a Car launches Wi-Fi Mobile Service in Europe - Hire a car with internet access
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Latest revision: Friday, August 24 2012

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