Aarhus to Copenhagen by seaplane

The two largest Danish cities - Copenhagen and Aarhus - have become connected by a seaplane route. The new service has taken a considerable amount of time to become viable due to the need of approval from several Danish entities, including the coastal and seafaring authorities.

The connection, operated by a DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft with capacity for 19 people (2 pilots and 17 passengers) is a convenient alternatives for other ways of transportation between Aarhus and the capital available until now. The about 60 minutes trip (45 of each is in the air) by the seaplane is an interesting prospect when compared to the over 3 hours journey by road, a 4 hour train ride or the flights between Arhus and Copenhagen airports, additionally lengthened by the need of airport/city centre transfers.

The new service is expected to attract a lot of attention from business travellers, who will be able to travel between the two largest cities in Denmark on the same day, thanks to convenient operating hours.

Aarhus-Copenhagen seaplane service is provided by Nordic Seaplanes and available 4 times a day, seven days of the week. The departure hours from Aarhus are: 7 AM, 10 AM, 4 PM and 7 PM and 8.30 AM, 11.30 AM, 5.30 PM and 9.30 PM from Copenhagen.

The plane lands and departs in Aarhus from the Osthavnen port in the southernmost part of the harbour, near the Marselisborg Marina. The destination in Copenhagen is the Nordre Toldbod seafront area located fairly close to the major landmarks of the city, amongst them the Little Mermaid statue, the Opera House, or the Michelin-starred Noma restaurant.

The price of the one-way ticket is estimated at 1800 Danish krone (approximately £185) and includes a 6 kg of hand luggage. The tickets can be purchased on the operator's website www.seaplanes.dk.

Aarhus to Copenhagen by seaplane
Article: Aarhus to Copenhagen by seaplane
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