Parking at Warsaw Chopin Airport – WAW parking fees

The main airport of Poland, Warsaw Chopin Airport offers its users approximately 3,000 parking spaces.

Parking in Warsaw Chopin Airport (Okęcie) is situated on four parking lots located just in front of the terminal.

WAW parking map
Parking layout at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

Additionally to the P1, P2, P4 and Premium Parking, the airport also has a Kiss & Fly zone, to be used by those, who only give lifts to the passengers flying out and do not plan at the airport longer.

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WAW Parking P1 and P2 – prices from 10 PLN/hour
The P1 zone is situated opposite the exit from the old red terminal. Like P2 parking, P1 Warsaw Airport parking is a two-level facility; do pay attention on which level you park at.

P2 parking is located opposite the main entrance of the (new) Warsaw Airport terminal (see map above).

P1 and P2 parking fees are:

  • every hour started –10 PLN
  • 1 day – 100 PLN
  • 2 days – 180 PLN
  • 3 days – 260 PLN
  • 4 days – 340 PLN
  • 5 days – 420 PLN
  • 6-10 days (long-term offer) – 220 PLN
  • 11-15 days (long-term offer) – 270 PLN
  • every next day started – 20 PLN

Parking fees are paid at the payment machines situated at the entrance to parking area. Cash (PLN) and payment cards are accepted (credit & debit cards).

Warsaw-Chopin parking P4 – daily parking tariffs from 200 PLN
P4 is a long-term parking lot, which means that the shortest parking period is one day (minimum charge from PLN 200). As it is an outdoor parking facility; unlike P1 and P2, it accepts vehicles over 2 meters high. Additionally, also in contrast to the previously mentioned parking areas, P4 is a round the clock guarded parking zone in WAW.

Price list for long-term parking P4 WAW:

  • 1-5 days – 200 PLN
  • 6-10 days – 220 PLN
  • 11-15 days – 270 PLN
  • each next day started – 10 PLN

Please note that long term parking in Warsaw Airport is quite cheap when using P4. 18 days will cost you 300 PLN which is approx. €75 or £65. When parking longer, it gets really cheap. 

Premium parking at Chopin Airport – convenience and quick security control
Premium parking zone, separated in the P2 parking lot, is situated closest to the main entrance to the terminal.

This high-standard, around the clock guarded parking, offers 58 large parking spaces and the possibility of using the fast security control path, called the fast track. Premium parking ticket is at the same time a voucher for the fast track service.

The price list for the Premium WAW parking is the following:

  • up to 30 minutes – 20 PLN
  • 30-60 minutes – 30 PLN
  • 60-90 minutes – 40 PLN
  • 2 hours – 50 PLN
  • each next hour started – 10 PLN
  • 1 day – 130 PLN
  • 2 days – 210 PLN
  • 3 days – 290 PLN
  • 4 days – 370 PLN
  • 5 days – 450 PLN
  • 6-10 days – 530 PLN
  • 11-15 days – 610 PLN
  • every next day started – 20 PLN.

As in other parking zones in WAW, the fee for using the premium parking zone is paid at payment machines, based on a parking ticket, collected at the entrance. Cash (PLN) and payment cards are accepted.

Kiss & Fly Warsaw Chopin – up to 7 minutes for free
The Kiss & Fly zone is located on two roadways, the closest to the departure hall. Entry gates are situated here, on the way to the terminal. A ticket is issued by the push of a button at the gates, on the basis of which a fee must be paid, always when the duration of stay in the zone is longer than 7 minutes. If this time is not exceeded, the gate at the exit will open automatically.

If we stay longer in the Kiss & Fly zone, a rather big fee must be paid. Please see tariffs below. Payment can be done at the exit barrier, if the fee does not exceed 50 PLN.

If the amount of payment is higher, it should be paid to the machines located at the entrance to the terminal. You can pay in cash or with payment cards.

The fees for using the Kiss & Fly zone are:

  • up to 7 minutes – free of charge
  • 7-15 minutes – 30 PLN
  • over 15 minutes – 1 PLN for each next minute

The number of entries to the zone is limited to 5 times per day. From 6 and every next entry a fee of PLN 5 is charged. Not under any circumstances can vehicles be left unattended (parked) in the Kiss & Fly zone. Cars may be towed away and a high fine of 500 PLN for towing services; 250 PLN if the owner returns to the vehicle and abandons the towing.

Note: the limit of 7 minutes for using the Kiss & Fly zone is not very generous. With a lot of people using the area at the same time, it may be insufficient for a simple drop-off.

Parking at Warsaw Chopin Airport – WAW parking fees
Article: Parking at Warsaw Chopin Airport – WAW parking fees
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