Parking at Modlin – how much is parking at Warsaw’s 2nd airport?

Despite the location at a considerable distance (some 50 km / 30 miles) from the center of Warsaw, the constantly developing range of connections with attractive low cost tickets secures Modlin Airport its popularity.

For passengers who would like to get to the airport in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki by their own transport, there are several parking options at the airport.

Modlin Airport parking map
Map of parking locations at Modlin Airport - WMI

Modlin parking possibilities meet with the needs, weather travellers spend a few minutes on the parking lot, dropping off or picking up travelers, as well as people, who want to leave the car in the airport parking lot during their trip.

Taking into consideration the cost of getting to the airport by taxi and limited public transport, driving your own car and parking at the airport may be the most convenient and cheapest solution.

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Modlin Airport short-term parking – PA1

Right in front of the airport terminal, you will find the short-term parking PA1, which will be the best alternative for people, who need little time and maximum convenience.

It is the zone for short-term parking, where you can park for free up to 10 minutes. Please note that each vehicle can use that option only once a day.

The fact that PA1 is a short-term parking does not make it impossible to use it for days. However, such a solution in the long run is costly compared to rates for parking slightly further away from the terminal.

Prices for PA1 parking  are listed below.

Hourly7short term PA1 parking

  • up to 1 hour - 7 PLN
  • up to 2 hours - 12 PLN
  • up to 3 hours - 17 PLN
  • up to 8 hours - 42 PLN
  • Additional hours – 5 PLN

Daily PA1 parking

  • 1 day (over 8 hours) - 55 PLN
  • 2 days - 65 PLN
  • 3 days - 75 PLN
  • 4 days - 85 PLN
  • 5 days - 100 PLN
  • Each additional day (5+) – 20 PLN

The PA1 parking has 600 parking spaces.

Modlin medium-term parking PA3
Passengers going for a few-days trip or long weekend may be interested in the offer of medium-term parking at Modlin Airport, marked as PA3.

It is also located in front of the terminal, but slightly further away than PA1. According to the airport authorities, getting to the vehicle, left at that parking, should not take more than a few minutes after collecting your luggage.

Fees for PA3 parking are the following:

Hourly PA3 parking

  • up to 1 hour - 6 PLN
  • up to 2 hours -10 PLN
  • up to 3 hours - 14 PLN
  • up to 6 hours - 26 PLN
  • up to 8 hours - 34 PLN
  • Additional hours – 4 PLN

Daily PA3 parking

  • 1 day (over 8 hours) - 45 PLN
  • 2 days - 50 PLN
  • 3 days - 60 PLN
  • 4 days – 75 PLN
  • 5 days - 80 PLN
  • Additional days (5+) – 15 PLN

The PA3 parking offers 200 parking lots. It is located in 500 meters from the main entrance of the terminal.

Long-term parking PA7 – cheap parking in Modlin Airport
The cheapest parking option at Warsaw-Modlin Airport is PA7 parking, situated in about 3 km from the terminal on land, which belongs to the airport. It is located at the road 62, towards Dwór Mazowiecki.

The airport provides a free shuttle bus between the terminal and the parking.

The PA7 parking does not offer hourly parking. The minimum fee starts from one day.

Daily Modlin PA7 parking

  • 1 day - 30 PLN
  • 2 days - 35 PLN
  • 3-4 days - 40 PLN
  • 5-7 days - 50 PLN
  • 8-9 days - 70 PLN
  • 10-12 days - 90 PLN
  • 13-15 days - 100 PLN

Additional days - over 15 days - 5 PLN

The cheap long-term parking in Modlin Airport – WMI offers the possibility of buying a monthly subscription at the price of 190 PLN.

How to pay for parking at Modlin Airport?
All three parking zones are equipped with an automatic toll collection system, which accepts both cash and card. It is impossible to pay partly in cash, partly with a card. It is also not possible to pay for parking in foreign currency.

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Parking at Modlin – how much is parking at Warsaw’s 2nd airport?
Article: Parking at Modlin – how much is parking at Warsaw’s 2nd airport?
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