Horta Airport car hire Azores

Horta Airport is an airport close to the main city of the island Faial, part of the Azores archipelago.

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Being the only airport on Faial and the only place on the island with a number rent-a-car offices Horta Airport car hire is popular.

Ford Fiesta

Cheap rental car Horta Airport – best offer frequently the Ford Fiesta

Faial Island, Azores
Faial is amongst the smaller of the Azores Islands. Also referred to as Fayal Island or The Blue Island, it comprises of 173 km2 or 67 square miles.

Faial Island map

Horta Airport – HOR on the southern coast of Faial, Azores

The size of Faial is about the same as if all the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey etc.) were pooled together.  Together with Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa and the larger Terceira, Faial form the Grupo Central of the Azores Island.

Rental vehicle on Faial – Horta Airport car hire
This Azores island has a good selection of rental companies; all located in the airport.

Choose between the following rent-a-car companies in Horta Airport – HOR:

  • Auto Turistica Faialense – a local company
  • Avis Rent-A-Car
  • Europcar
  • Ilha Verde – a tourism agency with huge presence in the Azores
  • Sixt

The range of cars available for hire from Horta Airport is slightly limited with smaller runabouts like Ford Fiesta being the most popular choice.

You will also find very large cars with 7, 8 or 9 seats due to the many groups of tourists visiting the island.

Ford Galaxy

Large and relatively cheap 7-seater rental car in Horta Airport – Ford Galaxy 7-seater

A SUV like the Nissan Qashqai will, often, be just as expensive to rent as a larger and much more expensive 7-seater MPV. 

Video-guide to Faial

Rental conditions – Horta Airport car hire
The minimum age for drivers is likely to be 23 years with minimum one year of experience (driver’s license has to be held 1 year).

The island is small, so there is no restriction on miles. All insurance is included.

For minibus rental on Faial, you are likely to have an excess on the insurance of between €1000 and €2000, which will be blocked on your credit card. This excess for larger vehicles and SUV cars is rather high, so make sure your credit card carry sufficient funds.

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For smaller cars, the excess is usually between €500 and €1000. Please check under ‘Important’ on the offer before booking. Sixt & Avis will generally demand the lowest amounts to be blocked on your credit card.

When booking, you can opt to take out additional insurance against excess. This option with AXA is considerably cheaper than taking out excess insurance at the rent-a-car counter in Horta Airport.

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Horta Airport car hire Azores
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