Cheap car hire Skavsta Airport – NYO (Stockholm-Skavsta)

Although Sweden, much like other Scandinavian countries, is not one of the cheapest tourist destinations, car rental in Sweden does not necessarily have to be expensive.

Thanks to the increasingly popular car hire search engines and online booking systems, price comparison between plenty of rental companies and finding the ideal offer has never been easier. For cheap car hire Skavsta Aiport, please see link below:

Check prices for cheap car hire Skavsta Airport

Search engines, amongst the Cartrawler, partner with all major rental companies, and often also with small, local rent-a-car brands, allowing a through and exhaustive comparison of the existing offers.

Kia Rio
Kia Rio, a popular car for rent in economy class at Skavsta Airport; among others in the budget class and Sixt.

Stockholm low-cost? – cheap flights but expensive ground transportation
Despite the considerable distance between Skavsta Airport and the center of Stockholm – the airport is located about 100 km southwest of the city center – it is popular among people traveling to Stockholm, due to the large offer of low-cost routes.

For many passengers, the low cost offlights frombudget carriers at Skavsta Airport;mainly Ryanair and Wizzair, compensate the inconvenience of the1.5 hour transfer to Stockholm.

Skavsta Airport offers a wide range of European routes. Flights from the UK to Stockholm-Skavsta are available from Edinburgh and London-Stansted, both with Ryanair.

The airport is also used by travelers heading to the southern regions of Sweden, including Nyköping, Norrköping and Örebro.

Unfortunately, travelers, who are heading to Stockholm will not find many convenient public transport options at Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Most of them are available from the nearby city of Nyköping, approx. 7 km away and include bus routes and a railway service to Stockholm. There is also a frequent direct bus service between Skavsta Airport and Stockholm.

Ford Ka
Renting a small city car at Skavsta Airport
can be more cost-effectivetthan using public transportation to travel to Stockholm.

The most convenient solution, which is taxi, makes sense from an economic point of view only if the cost can be separated between several people. Taxis are very expensive in Sweden if you use them on considerable distances. When taking a taxi from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm be prepared to spend around  EUR 150.

With this high cost of taxis, it is worth considering renting a car at Skavsta Airport, even if only for transfer to Stockholm city centre.

Skavsta Airport car rental companies - cheap car hire Skavsta
Car rental services at Skavsta Airport are offered by leading brands of the international rent-a-car industry.

In the airport terminal, you will find the offices of the following rental companies: Avis, Budget, Hertz, Thrifty and Sixt. All of them cooperate with the Cartrawler Sweden offer search engine, available at 

Cheap car rental in Sweden – the smallest, does not always mean the cheapest
In addition to the possibility of a comprehensive comparison of offers, the advantage of booking a car rental in the Cartrawler system are also favorable prices, in many cases much more advantageous than when renting directly at the rental company office.

The Skavsta Airport car hire offers in the search engine give you an opportunity to find the cheapest cars in your class of vehicle (size of vehicle), a detailed description of each offer allows you also to compare the rental conditions, especially those that can affect the final cost of the rental. You may want to check fees for child seat rental, young driver and also, you may encounter mileage charge above say 100 or 200 km per day. It is, however, unusual that rental car companies in Sweden charge for mileage.

When looking at Skavsta Airport rent a car deals, it is easy to notice that the lowest prices do not always apply to cars in the lowest class. Small city cars, for example Fiat 500, Ford Ka, or Smart ForFour are priced often at the level of much larger cars in the economy class, or with a bit of luck even a compact one. One week rental of an economy class car, such as Ford Fiesta, Kia Rio, Renault Clio, or even a compact car – in Stockholm it will usually be Ford Focus, Kia Ceed or Volvo V40 – usually costs from about  £160.

Volvo V40
The flagship Swedish brand, Volvo, is available in the fleets of all rental companies in Stockholm. Above, the V40 model (compact class).

Competitive prices for car rental at Skavsta Airport are available in all classes, including the segment of big family cars, vans, minibuses and SUVs.

However, Skavsta Airport has a limited offer of luxury cars for rent, you should not expect low prices in this class.

Cheap car hire Skavsta Airport – NYO (Stockholm-Skavsta)
Article: Cheap car hire Skavsta Airport – NYO (Stockholm-Skavsta)
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