New low-cost airport in Poland - how to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city centre

New Warsaw-Modlin Airport, inaugurated on July 16th of 2012 has already become an important reference for passengers of low-cost flights to Poland.

During the first month of functioning, Modlin Airport served over 160000 passengers on more than 1100 flights. It is expected that the number of passengers on this growingly popular low-cost airport in Poland will reach 400 000 until the end of this year, and a number of 2 million by the end of 2013.

So far, two major low-cost airlines - Wizzair and Ryanair in Warsaw-Modlin - are competing in the quests for customers traveling low-cost to Warsaw.

Passenger services at the new Modlin Airport - car hire companies
The modern, single terminal of Warsaw Modlin Airport was designed to accommodate all the usual passenger facilities.

Tenders are being held for many businesses to be established in the new terminal, including gastronomy, duty free stores and additional car hire at Modlin Airport, etc.

So far, travelers in Modlin have at their disposal a coffee shop, food vending machines, an ATM and an information desk.

Car hire is already available at Modlin Airport from major Warsaw car rental companies, who deliver rental cars to the airport upon clients’ arrival.

Find Modlin Airport cheap car hire

The price offers for car hire in Modlin Airport tend to vary relatively little. Expect, however, an increase in car hire rates in the festive seasons like Christmas, and especially in Easter which is a very important festivity in Poland. It is recommendable to book car hire in Warsaw-Modlin low cost airport well in advance for Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Getting from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city centre
Modlin Airport is located approx. 25 miles northwest of Warsaw city centre.

As it can be expected in any enterprise of such dimension, Modlin Airport has stumbled upon some difficulties in the first weeks of its functioning, being the biggest one the transfer between Modlin and Warsaw.

Until the dedicated public transportation services fully establish their routes and timetables to the new airport, the easiest way to reach Warsaw from Modlin is by car, especially is you arrive at Modlin Airport during late night, or early morning hours.

Public transportation logistics do not work so well yet at Modlin Airport: the train line does not reach directly the terminal of the airport and the shuttle buses expected to help passengers transfer between Modlin train station and the terminal do not always meet the needs of intense inflow of travelers.

Designated buses from Modlin Airport to Warsaw stop only in two places in Warsaw, meaning that most of their passengers will need further transportation, most likely a taxi, to get to their hotels.

In addition, the schedules of public transportation between Modlin Airport and Warsaw city centre is constantly changing and may be difficult to find, especially for non Polish-speakers.

Modlin to Warsaw by car
In order to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw, whether in a private or hire car, head towards the town of Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki after leaving the airport. There, look for the S7/E77 main road that will take you directly to Warsaw. You will enter Warsaw from the north, on the right side of Vistula River.

It takes between 40-60 minutes to reach Warsaw from Modlin Airport, depending on the intensity of traffic and roadworks, still in progress in the area of the new airport.

Modlin -  Warsaw taxi fares vary from PLN 99 (around £ 20) to some 140 Polish zlotys (around £ 30), as some taxi corporations adopted a fixed price for this service, while other use taximeters.

Trains to and from Modlin Airport
It is possible to travel by train between Modlin Airport and four railway stations in Warsaw, namely: Warszawa Centralna, Warszawa Gdanska, Warszawa Choszczowka and Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina (main Warsaw Chopin Airport).

The train ride from Modlin Airport to Warsaw costs less than £ 3 and takes approx. 40 minutes. Be aware, though, that Modlin train station is located some 3 miles from the airport terminal and the transfer between train and terminal building is done in airport shuttle busses circulating every 20 minutes during daytime and less frequently at night.

Until the train line has been extended directly to the terminal building, you need to factor in some extra time (and inconvenience) needed to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw and vice versa.

Modlin Airport bus connection
Modlinbus is a dedicated bus connection between Modlin Airport and Warsaw.

Modern, air-conditioned airport buses stop in northern district of Warsaw, near metro Mlociny and in the city centre. One way trip Modlin - Warsaw costs PLN 33 (around £ 6).

Cheaper bus connections are available but not directly from the terminal of Modlin Airport.

Wizz Bus - Wizzair Modlin Airport transfer
Wizzair passengers at Modlin Airport can use the transfer service offered by the airline.

Inexpensive (PLN 25, approx. £ 5 in Modlin Airport) bus transfers can be booked with Wizzair no later than 3 days before the departure. Warsaw Wizz Bus stops near metro station Mlociny and in the city centre.

Fly low-cost from UK to Warsaw-Modlin Airport
Cheap flights to Warsaw-Modlin airport are available from many UK airports.

Ryanair offers departures to the new low-cost Warsaw Airport from: Bristol, East Midlands, Glasgow-Prestwick, Liverpool, London-Stansted and Manchester.

Low cost Wizzair flights to Modlin Airport depart from: Doncaster/Sheffield, Glasgow-Prestwick, Liverpool and London-Luton.

Distance from Modlin Airport to major cities in Poland
Cheap flights to Warsaw-Modlin create new possibilities for travelling within Poland. Many travelers arriving at Modlin Airport take advantage of low-cost fares to Modlin and continue their trip to other Polish locations in a hire car. The approximate road distances to major cities in Poland are as follows:

  • Distance Modlin – Gdansk: 306 km / 190 miles
  • Distance Modlin – Poznan: 314 km / 195 miles
  • Distance Modlin – Wroclaw: 389 km / 241 miles
  • Distance Modlin – Łódź: 136 km / 84 miles
  • Distance Modlin – Kraków: 329 km / 204 miles
  • Distance Modlin – Katowice: 306 km / 190 miles

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New low-cost airport in Poland - how to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city centre
Article: New low-cost airport in Poland - how to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city centre
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