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Lille Airport is located in Lesquin, about 7 km (4 miles) from Lille City Centre. Lille is the capital of the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the northern part of France.

With 1.6 million passengers in 2016 Lille Airport is the 12th busiest airport in France. The airport offers a variety of domestic flights to e.g.: Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice and Strasbourg among others. In total there are 14 domestic destinations to be reached from Lille Airport.

The airport is also well connected to the holiday destinations in the southern Europe and northern Africa. Apart from the domestic routes flights from Lille are available to Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

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Lille Airport car rental companies
A handful of car rental companies provide services at Lille Airport, giving travellers the opportunity to rent a car directly after arrival. Amongst Lille Airport rent-a-car companies are: Avis, Enterprise Citer, Europcar, Hertz, Thrifty, Alamo and Keddy by Europcar.

For a hassle-free car rental at Lille Airport, it is recommendable, however, to book your car in advance, for instance through an internet search engine of car hire, Cartrawler France.

Getting to Lille Airport
When flying from Lille Airport, there are several options to get to the airport before departure.

When arriving by car, the airport offers several parking possibilities. These offers include long-stay parking - parking for 8, 11, 15 or 21 days, parking for less than 4 days and 1-2 days of parking.

Shuttle bus service is also available from the EuroLille Shopping Centre (which is placed in the same area as the train station and the ‘Lille Flanders’ metro station) to the airport, and of course back the same way.

Naturally Taxi Services are also available directly outside the arrival hall of the airport, and can take you wherever needed.  

Lille to Paris transport
Lille is located 220 km (137 miles) north of Paris. There are plenty of opportunities to get to Paris from the city. The possible means of transportation are bus, train and car.

The bus ride is currently the cheapest way to travel from Lille to Paris. It takes approximately 2h and is very attractively priced from €5 each way, making it a total of €10 for a return trip Lille-Paris.

Tickets are found here

The quickest way to get to Paris from Lille is by train. The typical low price is at €15 for a one-way in 2nd class. First class goes a bit higher - the cheapest (is in the moment) start from about €25 for a one-way ticket. The trip is only 1h and 02mins long and therefore by far the quickest way to get to Paris from Lille.

If you prefer to travel independently, a Lille Airport rental car will provide you with the needed comfort. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to drive from Lille to Paris.

Compare Lille Airport car rental offers online
Cartrawler search engine allowing you to find Lille Airport car rental deal well ahead of your arrival to France. Booking well in advance is the best guarantee of competitive rates and availability. The fleet of rental cars at Lille Airport is quite comprehensive, ranging from small city cars, through the most popular economy and compact classes, to full-size vehicles.

Please note, however, that “special” vehicles to rent in Lille – such as minivans, minibuses or even white cargo vans – although available often come in a short supply. In order to benefit from the best rates book well ahead of your arrival to Lille.

Prices of the cheapest rental cars at Lille Airport usually start from about £110-120 for a week.

Lille Airport - car hire France
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