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Car hire in Norway - hire a car at Narvik airport close to the arctic circle

Narvik car hire companies - compare prices

In the northern most part of Norway lies the small town of Narvik with a population of only 20.000.

During World War II Narvik was one of the main reasons why Norway was attacked by the Germans. The reason being that Hitler was determined to secure and utilise Narvik harbour for dispatching iron ore for production of weapons and machinery for the German army.

Hence Narvik partially suffered the same fate as the city of Kiruna in Sweden, an area also rich in these precious metals. Kiruna in Sweden does however not have a port, and therefore Narvik was strategically a very important town.

Kiruna in Sweden is about 110 miles from Narvik in Norway.

Car hire in northern Norway
There is an expanded network of roads in northern Norway, but the distances are extreme.

Therefore, most people travelling to Narvik choose to fly there and perhaps hire a car locally in Narvik airport in northern Norway.

Car hire prices in Norway/Narvik
Even though a town like Narvik in Norway has got a relatively low number of car hire customers, the prices for the least expensive hire cars are only very slightly higher than in the rest of Norway.

A car can be hired in Narvik for about £340 for a week’s car hire in Northern Norway.

Flight connections to Narvik
Narvik airport – NVK is a local Norwegian airport with connections to Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Bodo amongst others.

From the larger airports in Norway you can travel on to UK airports such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen, London Heathrow and Gatwick, Manchester

The average temperature for a year in Narvik is between 3 – 5 degrees centigrade (37 – 41F)

In the summer on the other hand, the mid day temperatures are usually between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade (59 – 68F)in June, July and August.

Car rental offers Narvik Airport

Car hire in Norway - hire a car at Narvik airport close to the arctic circle
Article: Car hire in Norway - hire a car at Narvik airport close to the arctic circle
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