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The Norwegian city of Bodo (spelled Bodø in Norwegian) with a population of 50.000 is located just north of the arctic circle (see map of arctic circle) in the Norwegian state of Nordland.

North of the Arctic Circle you can experience the polar night in winter. This is when there is no or very little daylight. On the other hand, you can also experience the midnight sun in summer, where the sun is up for 24 hours a day.

Despite its extreme northerly position, it never gets extremely cold in Bodo. This is due to the Golf stream. See temperature table in Bodo.

Bodo Airport - BOO
A large proportion of the tourists arriving at Bodo Airport in summer are coming to experience the midnight sun. You can experience the northern lights in Bodo in winter from September to April.

Bodø Airport – BOO is very close to Bodo city centre. This small airport was founded by the British during World War 2 and was to serve as a base for allied forces and their aircrafts, including bombers. The Germans took over Bodo Airport temporarily in May 1940 resulting in large parts of the city of Bodo as well as the airport being destroyed.

Bodo Airport was rebuilt after the war and divided into a military section and a civil section. The Norwegian air force set up their headquarters in Bodo. There are both fighter jets and helicopters stationed at Bodo, which is Norway’s most important military airport. Bodo airport used to be a base for the American U2 spy planes during the cold war.

As a consequence of Bodo’s strategic importance in the 20th century a military aviation museum was built in connection with the airport. The museum is the largest aviation museum in Scandinavia. See museum opening hours.

Bodo airport mainly service domestic flights, but there are about 60 departures every day out of which over 10 are scheduled flights to Oslo every day. Other Norwegian towns and cities such as Trondhjem, Tromso and Bergen are also well connected to Bodo airport.

The Norwegian domestic airline Wiederø is based at Bodo airport and operates a comprehensive network from the airport.

See map covering Northern Norway in the Bodø area.

Car hire in Bodø Airport in Norway
The prices for hiring a car at Bodø Airport are the same as they are in the rest of Norway.

Cheap car hire prices are hard to come by when renting a car in Norway.

You can expect the cheapest hire cars in Bodo to cost around £380 for a week’s car hire in Norway. It is important to note that occasionally there is a mileage charge when you exceed for example ‘250 free kilometres’ per day. Read more about this in the ‘rate details’ of your quote.

It is also possible to find hire cars in Bodo without the mileage charge, but these are usually the more expensive models. View Bodo city map including airport. Bodo is one of the very few cities in the world where walking from the airport to the city centre only takes 5 minutes.

Car hire in Norway with excess
You may spot in the ‘rate details’ that the excess for theft and accidental damage on a hire car insurance in Bodo in Norway is often quite high. You may encounter an excess of 20,000 Norwegian kroner which is the equivalent to £2,232.

You can eliminate the excess from the insurance by taking out a collision damage waiver when booking online at a price just below £5 per day.

The insurance is arranged through Mondial Insurance and covers accidental damage up to £2000.

It is possible to find special offers on car hire in Bodo with a lower excess or even a free additional driver, but it is advisable in any case to read the ‘rate details’ for the hire car carefully before booking a hire car in Norway.

Car hire companies in Bodo
As a consequence of the many tourists visiting the attractions in the area and Northern Norway’s national parks there are more hire companies than you would expect from such a small airport including Avis Rent-A-Car, Hertz, Europcar, Budget, National and Sixt.

Note that the airport in Bodo closes at 18.00 on Saturdays (January 2012)

Experiences in Bodo in Norway
Bodo has got many impressive experiences to offer such as the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer.

The world’s largest whirlpool called Saltstraumen runs just 20 miles east of Bodo.

Every 6th hour the tide runs with speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

Saltstraumen is well known amongst anglers for the abundance of cod, coalfish, halibut, monkfish and lump-sucker.

Many visitors choose to go for a drive in their hire car along the fantastic coastal area around Bodo where you can cross the 2500 foot long Saltstraumen bridge. 

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Car hire in Norway from Bodo airport in Nordland
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