Weather in Venice

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Venice, the capital of the Veneto region in northeastern Italy is known as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. The city enchants visitors with its elegant architecture and unique settings in the Venetian Lagoon. Venezia is, in fact, situated on a large number (over a hundered) small islands connected by bridges. In the historic centre of the city the traffic is very limited and gondolas or water taxis are the most efficient means of transportation.

The city enjoys a humid subtropical climate, with hot summers and rather chilly winters, which does not always inspire for a gondola trip. Find out, below, what weather conditions to expect in Venice across the year.

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Spring in Venice
Late spring might be, together with early autumn, a perfect time to visit Veneto-s capital for travellers who prefer to explore the city without the tourist crowds flocking to northern Italy in the summer. Spring temperatures range from around 8 degrees Celsius in March to often 20 degrees in late May.

See chart of Venice average temperatures.

A few rainy days might be expected, but the rain usually goes quickly away. Rainproof clothing and boots are recommended, however. The latter ones especially during acqua alta. This local phenomenon – acqua alta in Italian means “high water” – is an unusual high tide and a subsequent flooding occurring in the city mostly in the winter, but sometimes also in spring.

Venice summer weather
When visiting Venice in June, July and August, prepare for heat and high humidity. While in June, the temperatures are still quite comfortable, reaching 24-25 degrees Celsius, in July and August you may expect around 27 degrees during the day. Such temperatures would not be rather hard to bear for most tourists if it wasn’t for the very high, often close to 90% humidity accompanying them which makes the air in the city feel as “stuffy”. A useful advice: in order to get a break from the sometimes oppressive dump heat in the city, make sure your hotel room is equipped with a properly working air conditioning unit.

The city’s channels and waterways are a perfect environment for mosquitos, which during the summer months may become an annoyance, much like in any other waterside location in southern Europe. Insect repellent and covering your legs/arms in the evening time is recommended.

Autumn – off season in Venice
When visiting Venice in fall, you are very likely to enjoy pleasant weather until mid-October. In September the average temperature is approx. 20 degrees Celsius and you will get plenty of opportunities for an al fresco dinner. Morning and evening temperatures start decreasing in considerably in October, although during daytime and average temperature of 14 degrees Celsius can still be expected. Please note that in early fall the waters of the Adriatic are de warmest, with an average temperature of 20 degrees, which makes the stay in Lido de Jesolo resort, north of the city - now free of the tourist crowds - particularly pleasant.

See chart of Venice rainfall and sun hours throughout the year.

Further into the season, in November, Venice gets much colder, preparing for the harsher winter conditions. In November the weather becomes windier and there is an average of 11 rainy days per month. By the end of November, the average temperatures are usually down to around 7 degrees Celsius.

Venice in winter
Although the temperatures in Venice almost never drop between the freezing point, winter is, probably, the most challenging season from the tourist point of view. Days are short, overcast and rainy in for most of December and January. Sirocco, a strong wind blowing from South-East, can often be felt in Venice, together with the acqua alta floodings.

High humidity, low temperatures and often a thick fog enwrapping the city do not inspire for spending much time outdoors. Thus, winter is a great season for culture buffs to visit Venice, as the city’s plentiful museums and sites are free from tourist crowds.

The less pleasant weather does not seem to interfere much with Venice Carnival, one of the greatest city’s attractions. Colourful costume parades, parties and dancing are the highlights of Venice winter season.

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Weather in Venice
Article: Weather in Venice
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