Spain bank holidays 2017 and 2018 - national and regional holidays Spain

Before visiting Spain, consult the list of public (bank) holidays below. While some of the local festivities and celebrations are quite amusing to tourists, many will prefer to avoid travelling in Spain during national holidays, when most institutions, banks, museums and tourist attractions are closed or have reduced working hours.

Work-free days are especially worth being taken into consideration if you are on a driving holiday in Spain; you are most likely to face increased road traffic, with many locals taking a few days off to travel out of town.

If the Spanish national holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday, taking one day off to extend a weekend to full four days holiday (known in Spanish as puente, meaning "the bridge") is common.




1 January (Sunday)

New Year

1 January (Monday)

6 January (Friday)


6 January (Saturday)

19 March (Sunday)

St. Joseph’s Day

19 March (Monday)

13 April (Thursday)

Maundy Thursday

29 March (Thursday)

14 April (Friday)

Good Friday

30 March (Friday)

16 April (Sunday)


1 April (Sunday)

17 April (Monday)

Easter Monday

2 April (Monday)

1 May (Monday)

Labour Day

1 May (Tuesday)

15 June (Thursday)

Corpus Christi

31 May (Thursday)

15 August (Tuesday)

Assumption of Mary

15 August (Wednesday)

12 October (Thursday)

Columbus Day / Fiesta Nacional de España

12 October (Friday)

1 November (Wednesday)

All Saints’ Day

1 November (Thursday)

6 December (Wednesday)

Constitution Day

6 December (Thursday)

8 December (Friday)

Immaculate Conception

8 December (Saturday)

25 December (Monday)

Christmas Day

25 December (Tuesday)

Regional holidays Spain
Please, be aware that some of the holidays, for examples St. Joseph’s or Easter Monday, are work-free days only in some of the regions.

Spainis a vast country. Each of the Spanish autonomous communities has their own festive days. See the list below:




28 February (Tuesday)

Regional holiday Andalusia

28 February (Wednesday)

1 March (Wednesday)

Regional holiday Balearic Islands

1 March (Thursday)

23 April (Sunday)

Regional holiday Castile and Léon

23 April (Monday)

23 April (Sunday)

Regional holiday Aragon

23 April (Monday)

2 May (Tuesday)

Regional holiday Madrid

2 May (Friday)

30 May (Tuesday)

Regional holiday Canary Islands

30 May (Wednesday)

31 May (Wednesday)

Regional holiday Castile-La Mancha

31 May (Thursday)

9 June (Friday)

Regional holiday La Rioja

9 June (Saturday)

9 June (Friday)

Regional holiday Murcia

9 June (Saturday)

25 July (Tuesday)

Galician National Day

25 July (Wednesday)

2 September (Saturday)

Regional holiday Ceuta

2 September (Sunday)

8 September (Friday)

Regional holiday Extremadura

8 September (Saturday)

8 September (Friday)

Regional holiday Asturias

8 September (Saturday)

11 September (Monday)

Regional holiday Catalonia

11 September (Tuesday)

15 September (Friday)

Regional holiday Cantabria

15 September (Saturday)

9 October (Monday)

Regional holiday Valencia

9 October (Tuesday)

25 October (Wednesday)

Regional holiday Basque Country

25 October (Thursday)

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Spain bank holidays 2017 and 2018 - national and regional holidays Spain
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