Rhodes car hire - discover northern coast of Rhodes, Greece

A broad tourist offer and an amazing diversity of this Greek island contribute greatly to the popularity of Rhodes as a holiday destination.

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Being a part of the Dodecanese group, Rhodes is situated between the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas. Two different climate systems influence Rhodes from the north and from the south determining the distinct character of the northern and the southern coast of the island.

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Find below compact information about what to expect when driving in the northern coast of Rhodes.

Northern Rhodes - green landscapes for a perfect roadtrip in Greece
Influenced by the Aegean Sea, the northern part of Rhodes enjoys a more pleasant, mild climate than the arid, Mediterranean-dry southern coast.

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The lush greenery of landscapes here is perfect for a road trip, either by the scenic coastal road or amid the forestry of the interior where traditional ancient villages can be found. The landscape is rather mountainous, although a standard passenger car will be sufficient to drive in northern Rhodes.

A major road stretching from Rhodes Town to Monolithos allows access to all the beach resort and places of interest on the northern coast, amongst them Ialysos, Kremasti, Paradisi, Theologos and Soroni.

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Northern Rhodes beaches and water sports
The most popular beaches of Rhodes are located in the south by the calmer and warmer waters of the Mediterranean.

The beaches of the northern Rhodes are smaller, offering frequently a mixture of sand and pebbles. The sea here is fiercer and allows better conditions for water sports, especially in the windswept northern tip of Rhodes.

The most beautiful and, at the same time, the most appropriate for kitesurfing and windsurfing beaches of northern coast of Rhodes are found in Ialyssos, Paradisi, Ixia and Fanai. Small beaches available in a walking distance from Rhodes Town, such as the Elli Beach, also known as Trambolino, are very popular with the tourists on the island, too.

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Holiday resorts in Rhodos (North) - Hilton, Sheraton, Aldemar
The northern coast of Rhodes is renowned for its lively tourist resorts and busy night life.

Several 5-stars holiday resorts are based on the coast between Rhodes Town and Paradisi, offering excellent swimming pool facilities to make up for the shortage of sandy beaches. World class restaurants, bars, clubs, discos and casinos are await tourists in Hilton Rhodes Resort in Ixia, Sheraton Rhodes Resort in Ialyssos and Aldemar Paradise Mare, just to mention some of the luxury resorts of northern Rhodes.

For a more low-key atmosphere, and also more affordable prices, different accommodation solutions can be found in a great supply in the villages of Paradisi, Soroni and Theologos. Those quiet and charming locations are well worth a visit for any tourist who would like to get a taste of unspoilt Greek culture and try delicious local cuisine served in traditional tavernas.

Main tourist attractions of northern Rhodes
Tourist attractions of northern Rhodes are plentiful, requiring several days of sightseeing.

While the greatest concentration of tourists sites is in the island’s capital, Rhodes Town, several other locations along the northern coast are worthy of interest.

Ancient history monuments Rhodes Town
The historic quarters of the Rhodes Town, designated as UNESCO World Heritage site, are considered one of the best preserved medieval towns of Europe. Bearing witness to the fascinating history of the military order of Kinghts of St John, also known as Knights Hospitalliers, Rhodes Town boast unique monuments, amongst them the Citadel of Rhodes.

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Located a short drive away from Rhodes Town (approx. 4 miles distance) Iallysos is a vibrant tourist town combining modern hotel complexes with interesting historic sites, such as the medieval monastery of Filerimos. The beaches of Ialyssos are a preferred location for surfers in Rhodes and other watersports, snorkling and sailing are also available.

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Valley of the Butterflies
Located a little over 3 miles south-east of the village of Theologos, the Valley of the Butterflies, also known as Petaloudes, is one of Rhodes’ main most visited tourist attractions. Every summer, the valley becomes a truly unique place being overwhelmed by thousands of butterflies of the Panaxia specie who come to this location to reproduce.

The ancient city of Kamiros - archaeological sites Rhodes
The ruins of Kamiros are one of the most interesting archaeological and excavation sites of Rhodes. Frequently compared to Pompeii, the 3-leveled ancient city of Kamiros is located on the northern coast of the island, 2 miles west of the village of Kalavarda. Stunning views of the coastline and the sea are available from Kamiros will be a delight for tourists tired after a day of sightseeing.

Car hire Rhodes - driving distances from Rhodes Town
Rhodes Town sightseeing does not require a car: the historic quarter of the town is mostly closed for traffic and the town struggles with parking space shortage.

However, if you are planning daytrips from the island’s capital, find below the approximate distances from Rhodes Town to other interesting locations of the northern part of Rhodes:

  • Distance Rhodes Town -  Ialyssos: 4 miles (6 km)
  • Distance Rhodes Town - Paradisi: 8 miles (13 km)
  • Distance Rhodes Town - Theologos: 11 miles (19 km)
  • Distance Rhodes Town - Soroni: 13 miles (22 km)
  • Distance Rhodes Town - Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes): 12 miles (20 km)

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Rhodes car hire - discover northern coast of Rhodes, Greece
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