Regions of Italy: Lombardy, the largest city - Milan

Lombardy in northern Italy is one of the most afluent Italian regions. Having attracted approximately 20% of all Italy’s economic activity, Lombardy has the second highest gross regional product, surpassed only by South Tyrol.

The capital of Lombardy, or Lombardia in Italian, is Milan.

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Airports of Lombardy 
Lombardy has three large international airports:

See map of Lombardy

Things to do in Lombardy
Lombardy offers an array of attractions to suit tastes of every type of visitor: from beautiful natural settings, through valuable historical heritage, to excellent shopping opportunities.

One of the major charms of Lombardy are its great lakes: Maggiore, Como and Garda, as well as the smaller ones Idro and Iseo. Read also: Visit Lake Como in a hire car – Lake Como tourist attractions

For tourist on a cultural trip, Lombardy and especially its capital Milan, offer exquisite historic monuments, 9 of them worthy of a title of UNESCO World Heritage site.

Fashion and shopping lovers will find plentiful opportunities to indulge their passions in Milan, which is considered a fashion capital of Europe, also known for excellent shopping opportunities is provides in its numerous designer stores and factory outlets.

Weather in Milan (click to find details on Milan temperatures, precipitation, average sunshine hours, etc.) 

Milan, the capital of Lombardy
With a population of around 1.4 million, Milan, the capital of Lombardy is the second largest city of Italy and one of the most important economic centres on a European scale, comparable with other Europe’s industrial powerhouses, such as the Spanish Barcelona, the Rhône-Alpes region in France and Stuttgart in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Apart from the fashion industry (centred around luxury goods production), Milan is known for its automotive, chemical, heavy machinery and textile industries, not to mention the thriving tourism sector.

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The Stelvio Pass between Lombardy and South Tyrol on the border with Switzerland
One of the most famous roads in Europe, known for its beaut and unique driving experience stretches along the border between the regions of Lombardy and South Tyrol in Italy. In 2007, the Stelvio Pass (or Passo dello Stevio in Italian) was appointed by the British motor show Top Gear, world’s best route. See Top Gear video below (the part dedicated to Stelvio Part starts at ‘8 minute of the video):

The distance from Milan to Stelvio Pass is approx. 140 miles.

Flag of Lombardy
As the other 19 regions of Italy, Lombardy has its own flag.

View map of Italy regions

With an area of 23,851 km2 and about 10 million inhabitants, Lombardy is the most populous region of Italy, but only the fourth largest in terms of area.

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Regions of Italy: Lombardy, the largest city - Milan
Article: Regions of Italy: Lombardy, the largest city - Milan
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