Portugal public holidays 2019 and 2020

A part of the Portuguese public holidays was temporarily suspended between 2012 and 2016 due to the economic crisis.

After their restitution in the calendar of official work-days, there are 13 public holidays/bank holiday in Portugal.

25 April celebrations Portugal

All of the Portugal celebrates on April 25th, the anniversary of the 'Carnation Revolution', which led to the end of the 50-year old dictatorship od Salazar.

Please note that in Portugal, unlike in the UK, the holidays are observed on the day they fall, not being moved to a closest weekday, should they fall on Saturday or Sunday.


Holiday / Local name


1 January (Tuesday)

New Year’s Day / Ano Novo

1 January (Wednesday)

19 April (Friday)

Good Friday / Sexta-Feira Santa

10 April (Friday)

21 April (Sunday)

Easter / Páscoa

 12 April (Sunday)

25 April (Thursday)

Freedom Day / Dia da Liberdade

25 April (Saturday)

1 May (Wednesday)

Labour Day / Dia do Trabalhador

1 May (Friday)

10 June (Monday)

National Day / Dia de Portugal

10 June (Wednesday)

20 June (Thursday)

Corpus Christi / Corpo de Deus

11 June (Thursday)

15 August (Thursday)

Assumption / Assunção da Nossa Senhora

15 August (Saturday)

5 October (Saturday)

Republic Day / Implantação da República

5 October (Monday)

1 November (Friday)

All Saints’ Day / Todos os Santos

1 November (Sunday)

1 December (Sunday)

Restoration of Independence / Restauração da Independência

1 December (Tuesday)

8 December (Sunday)

Immaculate Conception / Imaculada Concepção

8 December (Tuesday)

25 December (Wednesday)

Christmas Day / Dia do Natal

25 December (Friday)

Local holidays in Lisbon and Porto - the ‘Popular Saints’
Apart from the national holidays observed in the whole country, local holidays are also celebrated and considered work-free days in Portugal. Amongst the most important local festivities are the so called Santos populares (Popular Saints), dedicated to the local patrons of Lisbon and Porto

St. Anthony’s Day - local holiday in Lisbon on 13 June
Dia do Santo António is an important festive occasion followed by a work-free day in Lisbon municipality. The celebrations on the night preceding the holiday include street parades, folklore music and dancing as well as the mandatory grilled sardines. Apart from the main parade along Lisbon’s most representative avenue, Avenida da Liberdade, the festivities are held locally, in different neighbourhoods of Lisbon which get lavishly decorated for the occasion. In popular culture, St. Anthony is regarded as the ‘marriage saint’. On the night of 12 June multiple weddings often take place in Lisbon.

24 June - work-free day in Porto
Similarly to Lisbon, Porto in the north of Portugal celebrates the day of the city’s saint patron, St. John, with pomp and circumstance. The main festivities take place every year on the night of 23 of June, being the day after, the 24 of June is a municipal holiday in Porto. The celebrations include carnival-like street parades, open-air parties, street food, music and the fireworks display over the Douro River, at midnight.

Other ‘popular saints’ celebrations in Portugal
Santos populares are also celebrated and considered local holidays in other cities across Portugal:

  • 19 March, St. Joseph’s Day - holiday in Santarém
  • 29 June, St. Peter’s Day - holiday in Évora, Sintra, Felgueiras, Montijo, Póvoa de Varzim and Sixal, amongst others
  • 21 September, St. Matthew’s Day - holiday in Viseu

Carnival in Portugal - not a public holiday
Commonly celebrated throughout the country, Carnival is not an official public holiday, but an optional one. Schools close for a Carnival break and transportation services may function in reduced hours. Private businesses are free to choose whether to consider Carnival a work-free day, or not.

Regional holiday Azores
The Azores archipelago celebrates its political autonomy from mainland Portugal during the movable regional holiday, The Azores Day which follows the Fest of the Holy Spirit, held on the Sunday of Pentecost. In 2019 the Azores Day falls on June 10 and in 2020 on June 1.

1 July - regional holiday in Madeira
The Madeira Day on 1 July is a regional holiday and a work-free day on Madeira and on the other larger island of the archipelago, Porto Santo.

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Portugal public holidays 2019 and 2020
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