Pisa weather throughout the year

Although a vast majority of travellers associates Pisa with one monument only – the famous leaning tower – the second largest city of Tuscany has a much more versatile tourist offer.

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Built on the banks of the Arno River, Pisa was in the Middle Ages one of the important merchant cities in the Mediterranean. During the time of its major growth, much of the city’s wealth was channelled into architecture and many of the historic churches, palaces and bridges, can still be admired, well preserved in Pisa today.

The city is also home to one of the oldest European universities and to an international airport providing a wide choice of European and domestic flights.

Pisa enjoys a mix of a warm Mediterranean climate and humid subtropical climate, experiencing slightly more rain than other regions of central and southern Italy. This means that even during the warmest summers months, showers can be experienced in Pisa. Those, however usually don’t last long and don’t interfere significantly with sightseeing.

Pisa – when is the best time to visit?
Thanks to the mild climate Pisa is a year round destination, being, in general, summer the peak season and the winter, the low season. Since November is the wettest month in Pisa, with an average of 9 rainy days, it is also the least popular for tourism in the city.

Summer is, by far the busiest time for tourism in Pisa, although not necessarily the best one, due to the sometimes uncomfortable heat and long queues to the most popular attractions.

If you prefer to avoid tourist crowds (and hot weather, for that matter) opt for a visit to Pisa in spring. Starting from mid-April, you will be able to enjoy pleasant temperatures of 18- 20°C, and if you venture outside Pisa, also picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, with its rolling hills and endless fields of wild flowers in bloom.

See Pisa climate chart.

Pisa in spring
The daytime temperatures during spring range in Pisa from 9-12°C in March, through 12-17°C in April, to 16-22°C in May.

It is important to remember though that although at noon, when the sun is high, the thermometers often show very pleasant temperatures, it nearly always get rather chilly in the evening and in the early morning. Dressing in layers is recommended in order not to get surprised by the weather.

The chance of rain is still quite significant, especially in April, however the weather gets much drier as the summer season approaches.

Summer in Pisa
The summer season in Pisa lasts long, till late September. The temperatures during that time usually range between 22 and 28°C although occasionally may exceed 30°C. September is slightly cooler than July and August, but given the still fairly hot weather belongs more to the summer season than to autumn. Especially the second half of September is a good time for a visit in Pisa as by then all schools in Europe have already finished their summer holidays and, in general, there are less tourists.

July is the hottest and the driest month in Pisa, usually with very clear skies and strong sunshine. Make sure to wear sun protection even if visiting Pisa only for a short city-break.

Pisa: autumn and winter
Starting from mid-October the temperatures in Pisa decrease considerably and autumn and winter merge into one long, chilly season. ‘Chilly’, and not ‘cold’ according to the northern European standards, as the temperatures in this part of Italy only very rarely reach near 0°C.

The coldest months are January and February, with average temperatures of 6-7°C. Very typically for the Mediterranean destinations, there is often quite a considerable difference between the very chilly mornings and evenings, and nearly spring-like temperatures during the day, whenever the skies are clear.

It rains quite a lot in Pisa during the autumn (November is the month with most rainy days), but as the temperatures drop towards January and February, the weather also gets a little drier. Expect, however, another peak rainfall in April.

Pisa weather throughout the year
Article: Pisa weather throughout the year
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