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Milan, the capital of Lombardy has a humid subtropical climate with hot, sunny summers and mild, wet and often foggy winters. High humidity, felt across different seasons is the most characteristic trait of Milan weather; combined with scorching heat felt in the city in July and August, it often drives the locals away.

Many tourists, as well will prefer to visit Milano, as the city is known in Italian, during shoulder season, or even in the winter. Find below what weather in Milan you may expect during different times of the year.

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Milan in spring
For many travellers spring is the best season to visit Lombardy’s capital, when the city is buzzing with cultural and fashion events, fairs and exhibitions and the weather plays along. The temperatures are quite pleasant, between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius, with a good number of sunshine hours. Do note however that spring weather in Milan is often quite rainy. Warmer clothes for the chilly mornings and nights, as well as an umbrella for occasional showers are recommended.

Milan temperatures in March
March is still a transition month between the chilly winter and the upcoming late spring heath. The average temperatures span between 3 and 11 degrees Celsius and the temperature rises gradually toward the afternoon, to drop again near the sunset. The days are still relatively short, with only around 5-6 sunshine hours.

Milan temperatures in April
Temperatures continue to raise in April in Milan, from the average low 5 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees average high. Please note, that although the days are considerably longer, April and May are the rainiest months in this part of northern Italy.

Milan temperatures in May
The average temperatures between 11 (in the morning and at nigh) and 22 degrees Celsius (during the day and evening) make it very comfortable to visit Milan in May. With a 43% chance of rain in late spring in Lombardy's capital do not forget to bring, however, an umbrella or a raincoat.

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Milan weather in summer
‘Hot and humid’ is what describes best the weather in Milan during the summer, and especially in July and August. The temperatures during daytime easily reach 30 degrees Celsius and short, yet heavy rain, often accompanied with thunderstorms and hail is not uncommon.

Be aware that in the summer Milan often struggles with a mosquito plague. Large in size and quantity, the insects may spoil any evening out in the city, especially for those more susceptible to insect bites. Insect repellents and bite relief creams are recommended especially in the Navigili districts, where there are many channels and waterways.

Milan weather in June
Average Milan temperatures in June range from 15 degrees (average low) to 25 degrees Celsius (average high) occasionally spiking even higher. UVB protection is necessary as the sun starts to shine intensely; 8 hours of sunshine per day are expected.

Milan weather in July
In July the city sees long, sunny days, with temperatures between 18 degrees (average low) and 28 degrees Celsius (average high) and plenty of sunshine and, unfortunately, also high humidity. Air-conditioned museums and galleries, plentiful in Milano, offer refuge from the sultry heat of the city during daytime. The evenings, however, are usually quite pleasant, especially in many of the city’s outdoor cafés or restaurants (do not forget the insect repellent, though!).

Milan weather August
Summer heath continues for most of August in Milan. Only by the end of the month the city cools down, a decrease of temperature which can be felt mostly in the morning and by the end of the day. The average high temperatures during daytime remain at around 28 degrees Celsius and often the air feels ‘sticky’, due to high humidity. August is the month often chosen by the locals to go on holiday and escape the oppressive heat, which does not seem, however to affect much the tourist crowds flocking the city.

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Autumn in Milano
September and the beginning of October in Milan usually offer reliable weather conditions, with temperatures spiking around 25 degrees Celsius and a reasonable amount of sunshine. Late autumn brings low temperatures and foggy weather. The chance of rain, however, is not higher than in the spring, for example.

Milan temperatures in September
The average daytime temperature in Lombardy's capital in September is 20 degrees Celsius, do expect, however, quite a big contrast between the morning chill and temperatures at noon.

Milan temperatures in October
Temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius are very rare in Milan in October, usually ranging between 8 degrees Celsius at night and 16 degrees during daytime.

Milan temperatures in November
November is one of the coldest months in Milano, together with the following December. The temperatures range between 3 and 10 degrees Celsius, but during the night, it may fall close to zero. A typical November day in the city is often very foggy.

Milan in winter
Winter weather in Milan is not anywhere near as harsh as in northern Europe, and since most of Milano attractions are indoors, Lombardy’s capital actually makes for a good city destination. December is especially popular month for a winter visit in Milan, as the city gets beautifully decorated for the Christmas and there is the highest chance for snow to enhance the atmosphere of the season.

Milan weather in December
The average temperature in Milan in December is 2 degrees Celsius, occasionally dropping below the freezing point. The days are very short and rain and fog are frequent. Snow, on the other hand, is fairly rare. On average there are only 7 snowy days per year in this part of Italy.

Milan weather in January
Below zero temperatures during nigh time and just above zero average day time temperatures persist in the city through January. Rain is still frequent, although cloudy weather gradually subsides.

Milan weather in February
February is still a chilly month in the capital of Lombardy, although the days become longer and sunnier. With clearer skies the fairly low temperatures (between -3 degrees Celsius at night and 7 degrees Celsius during the day) are more ‘bearable’. The winter weather does not seem to discourage thousands of participants of the Milan Carnival parades filling the streets with colourful animation.

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Milan weather guide

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