Malaga events 2016

The capital of Spanish Costa del Sol, the city of Málaga, offers a plethora of attractions during all seasons of the year. Excellent beaches, water sports, great restaurants and vibrant nightlife can be enjoyed for most of the year in Malaga, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate. Cultural activities, folk celebrations and music festivals to be enjoyed regardless of the weather add up to Malaga province’s appeal as a tourist destination.

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See below the list of Malaga events in 2016.

Malaga Carnival
Mid-January until 9 February 2016

One of the liveliest evens in Malaga, takes place in January.  During the nearly four weeks of durations of the Malaga Carnival, the city street fill with joyful parades, colourful costumes and festive mood.  In- and outdoor events, concerts and theatre performances are held in different venues across the city. Malaga Festival starts on 14 January and lasts until 7 February when it reaches its highest point with the traditional Burial of the Sardine (Entierro del Boquerón). A large figure of a sardine is paraded from Plaza de Constituición to La Malagueta beach where it is burned to a great joy of the assisting crowd.

The festive atmosphere can be felt across the city already in early January when the street band competition takes place (the so called Malaga Carnival Preliminaries).

Weekend Beach Festival Torre del Mar, Malaga 2016
6-7-8-9 July 2016

Torre del Mar, 23 miles east of Málaga will see in 2016 the 3rd edition of the Weekend Beach festival. Wiz Khalifa and Alpha Blondy & The Solar System are amongst the international performers who already confirmed the participation. Look for updates on Weekend Beach Festival 2016 on the official website (in Spanish).

Santo Domingo de Guzman Fair Costa del Sol
1-7 August 2016

The first week of August is always an interesting time in Benalauría village, approximately 80 miles (by road) west of Malaga. The whole of the population of the village participates in the historic fair which commemorates the struggle between the Christians and the Moors in the medieval times. The fair comprises musical and theatre performances, horse riding shows and a handicraft market.

Malaga Fair
13-20 August 2016

In the second half of August watch the city of Málaga explodes with colour, light, music and joyful festivities of the Malaga Fair. This event celebrates the reconquering of the city by the Catholic Kings in 1487, after nearly eight centuries of the Muslim domination.

Feria de Málaga, as the event is known locally, dazzles the participants with numerous and varied attractions, amongst them fireworks, equestrian shows, costume parades, flamenco concerts and Sevillana dances. No to mention the numerous food stalls and bars offering the mandatory fino - dry, very strong sherry.  Malaga Fair attracts over 2 million visitors a  year – Spanish as well as foreigners. If you are planning to join the festivities of the Malaga Fair be prepared for extreme heat during  – August is the hottest month on Costa del Sol and the daytime temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius and above are not uncommon.

San Sebastian Festival Málaga
1-14 August 2016

In early August a number of municipalities in Malaga province hold events dedicated to their patron saint. San Sebastian Festival takes place in Benarraba, Farajan and Algarrobo amongst others. The celebrations usually involve religious processions during the day and street parties lasting well into the night.

Malaga Encounters with Art – Genalguacil
1-15 August 2016

For two weeks in August the town of Genalguacil, 75 miles west of Malaga welcomes contemporary Spanish artists. Workshops and art exhibitions are held and the artists are invited to leave the examples of their work behind, which makes Genalguacil worth visiting even outside duration of the event.

Fiesta Mayor de Los Verdiales Malaga
28 December 2016

On the 28 of December, many villages and towns in Malaga hold folk festivities known as Los Verdiales. Those consist of traditional dance which is believed to have given origin to fandango, performed to music played by the folk groups, the so called Panda de Verdiales.

Puerto de la Torre neighbourhood of Malaga holds probably the biggest celebrations of Las Verdiales. Fiesta Mayor de los Verdiales, as it is known, is a wonderful manifestation of the Malageños folklore.

Malaga events 2016
Article: Malaga events 2016
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