Lake Como weather - sun and road trip destination in Italy

Planning a holiday at Lake Como where, as the Italian say, the sun always shines? Find out what weather conditions to expect in this picturesque part of Lombardy during different seasons of the year.

The Lake Como area, which includes towns as Como, Bellagio, Menaggio, Lecco, Lierna, Varenna and Lario, just to mention the most popular tourist hotspots, enjoys a pleasant sub-tropical climate, quite surprising with contrasted with the sight of the imposing Alps, visible from anywhere along the lake’s coast. Even during the winter months you will enjoy a few good hours of sun at Lake Como.

Lago di Como is shaped as an inverted ‘Y’. The largest towns, Como and Lecco are located at the end of the southern branches of the lake, while, Bellagio, probably the most scenic town of Lake Como sits in the centre, between the two branches.

Due to the geographical location the weather in the more ‘southern’ Lecco and Como may differ from the weather in Bellagio, the differences are usually not significant though.

See map of Bellagio, Menaggio, Como and Lecco on Lake Como.

Lake Como winter weather (November, December and January)

January is the coldest month at Lake Como, with average temperatures of 4 degrees Celsius. December is only slightly warmer, while in November, the thermometers will sill, at times, show around 10 degrees Celsius. A few good hours of sunshine can be enjoyed even in the coldest patches of the Lombardy winter, although the affirmations made by some of the websites dedicated to tourism in Lake Como should be taken with a grain of salt.

See current weather for Lake Como (by the UK Met Office).

The temperatures only occasionally drop below the freezing point in Lake Como area (usually during the night) and snow is a rare, although not unseen phenomenon.

February and March in Northern Italy - crisp weather with lots of sunshine
Springs start early in the North of Italy. Despite the fairly low average temperatures (around 8 degrees Celsius), February is already a very sunny month. It is also the driest one, so much like in the nearby Alps, which affect greatly the weather in Lake Como area, crisp, chilly weather, with plenty of sunshine is common here throughout most of February.

In March the temperatures begin to increase and the visitors (as well as locals) and the local fauna wakes up to life. The visitors to Lake Como in spring will be stunned by a display of blooming azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons and other local species.

Please note, however, that in March the tourist season has not started yet in Lake Como area and the offer of accommodation solutions may be limited as some of the hotels and guest houses do not open until late spring.

April and May - Lake Como warms up for the summer
The nature continues to flourish in Lake Como as the spring progresses and the temperatures rise. In May, although the average temperatures are still at 17 degrees Celsius, it is often possible to experience a foretaste of summer, with occasional peaks of warmth, up to 22 degrees. Visitors start arriving to the area; both foreign tourists and Italian on weekend breaks from the nearby Milano.

The roadtrip along Lake Como

Lake Como - summer with plenty of sunshine during June, July and August
Temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius were registered in Como in the warmest years, which does not, however, mean you should expect a scolding heat when visiting the lake between June and August. The average temperatures during that period are of about 25 degrees. The sunshine hours are of 11-12 per day, do mind however that June is the wettest month of the year at Lake Como and frequent showers may occur.

The humidity is also quite high in the summer, due to the presence of a large body of water (Como is the third largest lake in Italy, after Garda and Maggiore lakes), as well as a result of the Foehn winds blowing from the Alps.

Indian summer in September, chilly weather in October
The summer in Lake Como lasts far into September, with temperatures well above 20 degrees Celsius. The tourist season is slowly winding down in the area and good hotel deals are often possible. The greenery of the forests covering the banks of the lake slowly gives way to the spectacle of colours as the leaves turn red, yellow and golden. The traffic on the main roads around Lake Como eases up too, as the tourists leave, which makes Autumn a perfect time for a road trip in the area, with spectacular views and pleasant weather guaranteed.

In October, the weather drops, to an average of 15 degrees during daytime and the chance of rain increases. The days are still relatively long (about 8 h) allowing to make the most of your stay in Como.

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How to get to Lake Como
For tourist from abroad, flying to Italy, the three Milano airports - Milan Malpensa Airport, Linate Airport and Bergamo Airport - are the closest international airports to Lake Como area. All operate flights from the UK and are located within a 1-1.5 h drive distance. Car hire directly at the airport is a convenient and often inexpensive solution for travellers who would like to explore the Italian lake district at their own pace.

Lake Como weather - sun and road trip destination in Italy
Article: Lake Como weather - sun and road trip destination in Italy
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