Guide to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Although the Canary Islands are commonly associated with beautiful beaches, a large part of the coast of the volcanic islands is actually mostly rocky, being sandy beaches relatively rare. This is also the case of Gran Canaria.

The somewhat challenging terrain conditions do not dishearten the local tourism; holiday developments are often build directly on the rocky ravines as it happened with Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria.

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria
The view of Puerto Rico coast.

Making use of the excellent local microclimate of the southern coast of Gran Canaria, a local tourist developer initiated in 1096s a construction of a tourist resort between the villages of Veneguera and Aguineguín. Puerto Rico was the name chosen for the development.

A number of apartment blocks and hotels were built cutting into the rocky coast. Nearly all of Puerto Rico’s accommodation provides an excellent panorama of the ocean and a man-made beach.

Puerto Rico is located 30 miles away from Gran Canaria Airport, from which it can be reached in approximately 30 minutes via the coastal GC1 road.

See the map of Gran Canaria southern coast tourist resorts.

Beach activities in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico’s beach is not very big and it stands out from other coastal locations on Gran Canaria because of its soft sand brought from the Sahara desert.

The small and cosy beach, sheltered from the wind and with a gently descending sea bottom is perfect for children to safely play in the water and for the parents to relax. No wonder Puerto Rico is one of the favourite destinations for a family holiday on Gran Canaria.

Large sunbed and parasol rental areas on Puerto Rico beach, as well as toilets and showers are available for the beachgoers.

There are two harbours for yachts and boats in Puerto Rico beach offering a number of activities, amongst them whale and dolphin watching trips, glass-bottom boat trips, scuba-diving classes, etc.

Playa de Amadores, approximately 1.5 mile north-west of Puerto Rico is an excellent solutions for tourists who would like to change the beach setting for a day.

Attractions for children in Puerto Rico – Atlantida Park
In a walking distance from Puerto Rico marina, a water themed amusement park is located. Once an acua park, the Atlantida Park received in recent years a thorough make-over, becoming one of the most popular attractions for kids on Gran Canaria.

Puerto Rico nightlife
After the sun goes down, the lively atmosphere of Puerto Rico tones down but there are still plenty of places to welcome fun-seeking holidaymakers. There are several bars in Puerto Rico (amongst them Piccadilly Music Pub, Xtreemz and The Hideaway Lounge Bar), as well as in the nearby towns of Puerto de Mogan, Aguineguin and slightly further away, in Maspalomas.

Guide to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria
Article: Guide to Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria
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