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Fortaleza is the capital state Ceará in the north eastern part of Brazil.

The area around the metropolitan city of Fortaleza was discovered by Spanish explorers around 1500 A.D. However it wasn’t before the Portuguese rule in the 1700-hundreds that the City of Fortaleza really started to grow into the city that it is today.

Due to Fortaleza being a relatively new city, infrastructure is planned like a grid with long straight roads.

Fortaleza has a population of approximately 2.5 million and is Brazil’s 5th largest City. The Ceará state has a total population of over 8 million. The flag of the state is yellow and at first glance resembles the Brazilian flag.

See: map of Brazil

Excellent climate in Fortaleza
Fortaleza is situated very close to equator, however slightly south of it. This position secures a warm and pleasant climate with an average more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year average temperature around 27-28 degrees centigrade. However, between January and June the climate is very damp and showery, after which it becomes almost dry for the remainder of the year.

For European tourists Fortaleza is a warm holiday paradise compared with the climate for the last fall/winter on the continent. It’s comfortably dry and the temperature rarely gets below 25 degree centigrade.

Car hire in Fortaleza
The Airport in Fortaleza is named Pinto Martins International Airport but is also known as Fortaleza International Airport – FOR.

The cheapest car for hire in Fortaleza airport is usually priced around £200 for one week car hire in Brazil.

The hire car companies rarely permits crossing borders into other countries in a Brazilian hire car. However, for most holidaymakers this isn’t an issue with Brazil itself being approximately the size of the entire European continent. Also intercity road networks are not yet as developed as in Europe, which means flying would be a faster alternative for travelling over very long distances.

A large people carrier with room for 8 people such as VW Transporter or Toyota Quantum is typically around £750 for one week car hire Fortaleza Airport.

About car hire in Fortaleza, Brazil
In Fortaleza you will find car hire companies such as Thrifty, AVIS Rent-a-car, Mare Rent a Car, Dunas Rent a Car (both with offices in Praia do Futuro) and Hertz Rent A Car.

Before hiring a car in Fortaleza, please always check the T&C und “Rate Details” on our search engine.

When booking a hire car through an established search engine such as Cartrawler you can rest assured that you covered by liability-, damage- and theft insurance protection just as you would be in Europe.

Furthermore, hire cars in Brazil has got unlimited mileage unless otherwise is stated under “Rate Details”.

Hire car insurance cover in Brazil
Insurance excess on hire cars (damage and theft) do tend to vary in Brazil, but is usually in the region of 1500-2000 US$.

It is therefore worth considering an excess waiver whilst booking the car on our website. Apart from collision damage and theft the added damage waiver will also cover damage to windscreen and tyres etc.

The excess waiver is typically just under £5 per day, which in many cases will not only be far cheaper than what would be offered from the car hire companies themselves but also a more extensive cover.

Fly to Fortaleza with TAP
The Portuguese operator TAP provides daily departures from a number of European airports directly to Fortaleza International Airport in Brazil.

Flights to Brazil from Portugal are mostly the cheapest available throughout Europe. There are also direct flights available from Madrid with Iberia.

At present (at the date this article is posted) there are no direct flights from the UK to Fortaleza. However, British Airways offer a direct service to Sao Paolo where there are connecting flights to Fortaleza.

Fortaleza Airport Car Hire – Distances and holiday resorts
There’s far less crime in Fortaleza compared to the other large Brazilian cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Se City map of Fortaleza (Região Metropolitana de Fortaleza - RMF)

Fortaleza is one of Portuguese holidaymaker’s favourite destinations in Brazil. Among the many popular attractions in Ceará you will find:

  • Iracema, Meireles and Murcuripe beaches in Fortaleza
  • The Sunrise Coast (east of Fortaleza) Porto das Dunas and Aquiraz
  • The Sunset Coast (West of Fortaleza) Holiday resort Cumbuco, Taiba, Paracuru and Baleia

There are plenty of holiday resorts to choose from along the coast of Fortaleza. Hiring a car in Fortaleza airport makes the distances very manageable with only about 10 miles to Porto das Dunas, which is very close to Fortaleza city centre and about 20 miles from Aquiraz.

North West of Fortaleza are a couple of other popular resorts; Cumbuco which is about 30 miles from Fortaleza Airport and Paracuda which is about 60 miles away from the Fortaleza International Airport by hire car.

Please see this map for destination overview of Sunrise coast in Fortaleza.

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Fortaleza Car Hire Brazil - Get a hire car for your sunny holiday in South America
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