Flights from Australia to the UK – Australian routes to London-Heathrow

London is currently the only European capital to receive direct flights from Australia.

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Flying from Down Under to the Old Continent nearly always require a layover in either Asia or Middle East and even the so called ‘direct’ flights available require, in most cases, a stop for refuelling.

The stop along the “kangaroo route” as it is often referred to, takes place in Singapore, Dubai or Hong Kong. What makes those flights ‘direct’ is the fact that the passengers do not need to leave the aircraft during the technical stop and go through passport control procedures until they reach their final destination.

Australian flag carrier, Qantas, is a regular guest at London-Heathrow Airport.

Flights between Australia and the UK can take between 17 and 27 hours, depending on the route and service chosen. 27 hours is still a considerable improvement compared to the 4 days needed to cover the average 10 000 miles distance in 1947 when the “kangaroo route” was first operated. With the technological advancement of the aircrafts and constantly increased range of long-haul flights, the travel time between the two continents has been drastically reduced.

Of all international airports serving the UK capital, only the biggest one, London Heathrow, offers conditions to receive large aircrafts used on the Australia-Europe route.

Direct flights Australia – London
As of spring 2018, direct flights from Australia to UK are provided by two airlines: British Airways and Qantas.

Qantas flights to London
The Australia flag carrier offers the greatest variety of routes, offering flights to London from Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The route Perth-London has recently made headlines as the first non-stop flight. Boeing 787, the Dreamliner, chosen to operate this service beginning late March 2018 made it possible to fly without an en route stop for refuelling and shortened the total journey time to about 17 hours.

It is predicted that non-stop flights between London and Sydney should be possible by 2022, with the introduction of the “Ultra-Long Range” version of Airbus A350, currently in development, has been introduced to Qantas’ fleet. With the new aircraft, the carrier would be able to make the non-stop London-Sydney trip in about 20 hours.

Qantas direct flights from Australia to the UK (London Heathrow Airport) are available from:

  • Sydney Airport
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Perth Airport

Established in 1920, Qantas is the world’s third oldest airline. Its name is an acronym for “Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”. The airline operates a fleet of 124 aircrafts, the majority of which are Boeing 737-800. There are currently 4 Dreamliners in Qantas’; the airline has placed an order for 4 additional ones.

British Airways Sydney-London route
The UK flag carrier operates currently one Australia route advertised as ‘direct’. The service between London-Heathrow Airport and Sydney Airport has a duration of 22h50 min and a stop-over in Singapore.

Flights from Australia to the UK – Australian routes to London-Heathrow
Article: Flights from Australia to the UK – Australian routes to London-Heathrow
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