Events Croatia 2013 - music festivals in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Tisno and Pula

Croatia is a prime tourist destination in the Balkans. The country is blessed with a stunning natural beauty, clean and varied beaches of the Adriatic coast, fascinating historic and cultural heritage, well developed tourism infrastructure and still fairly accessible prices, when compared to other European countries.

With the accession of Croatia to EU in July 2013, even greater number of tourists is expected to visit Croatia in the years to come. Plan your Croatian holiday in advance and combine it with many cultural events to take place in Croatia in 2013.

Should you opt for a self-driven holiday, Croatia car hire is widely available at all of the international airports and in any major tourist location within the country.

Zagreb International Folk Festival – Croatia 2013
To foreign visitors, one of the most appealing aspects of Croatian culture is the specific folklore of the Balkan countries.

There is no better opportunity to get familiar with Croatian folk culture than to attend the Zagreb International Folk Festival. Scheduled to take place in 17-21 of July 2013, the festival is aiming at promoting the traditional cultural heritage of Croatia, as well as of the international participants of the festival.

Held since 2004, initially as a reunion of children folklore groups, the event soon became an important cultural reference in the area, attracting both locals and foreign tourists. In the 2013 edition of the festival a special emphasis is given to the Croatian folkloric dance. Dance and music workshops will be available for visitors.

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Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2013 - Croatia
A great and entertaining way of getting to know the beautiful city of Dubrovnik is attending the summer festival held in Dubrovnik since 1950.

During several weeks in July and August, in the most iconic outdoor venues of Dubrovnik, the visitors can see and sometimes actively participate in various happenings, shows and exhibitions of different forms of performing arts: music, theatre, opera and dance.

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Pula Film Festival in Croatia
The festival held since 1954 in a Roman amphitheatre, the Pula Arena, consists of open to public screening of both Croatian and international films and the attribution of the Golden Arena awards are granted in the categories of best movie, best director and best leading actor/actress.

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Croatia Open 2013 Orienteering Competition
Those who enjoy active holidays may be interested, when visiting Croatia, to participate in an international orienteering event, held in the beautiful region of Gorski Kotar and Kvarner in western Croatia. In 2013, different categories of races will be held in particularly picturesque areas of Risnjak, Brioni and Plitvicka Jezera national parks, on the Krk Island and near the city of Delnice.

Music festivals Croatia 2013
Croatia is a well-know European destination for music tourism, combining traditional sight-seeing with attending live-music events. Many of the most popular music events are held in the picturesque surroundings of the Adriatic coast.

During the summer 2013 Croatia will see several music festivals gathering both performers and visitors from Croatia and abroad.

Tisno, a coastal town and a municipality half-way between Zadar and Split is a real music paradise, hosting several of the most popular 2013 music events in Croatia:

The Garden Festival Tisno 2013
This dance music festival, held every summer in a picturesque beach-front is known for a relaxed, party atmosphere, particularly popular with tourists on holiday in Croatia. In previous years, the performers at the Garden Festival were: Alice McLaughlin, Bass Culture, The Beat Fleet, Dub Specimen, amongst others. The 2013 edition of the Garden Festival is scheduled to take place between 3 - 10 of July – easy to combine with another emblematic music event of the area, the Electric Elephant Festival (read below).

Read more about the Garden Festival Croatia 2013.

The Electric Elephant Festival, Tisno
In 2013 the festival held in the beautiful scenery of a natural amphitheatre overlooking crystal-watered bay and a sandy beach near the town of Tisno will take place between 11 and 15 of July.

The Soundwave Festival 2013 - Croatia
Tisno is also a place to be between19 and 22 of July, during the 5th edition of Soundwave Festival, described as one of Europe´s biggest parties.

Full lineup of the Soundwave Festival Croatia 2014 available here.

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INmusic Festival Croatia 2013
Slightly further away from the coast, but still within a driving distance to the closest beach resorts of Rijeka, the Croatian capital, Zagreb is hosting a prominent live music event. Held on an island in the middle of Zagreb’s Lake Jarun, the INmusic Festival is the biggest open-air music event in Croatia. The list of international stars of indie rock, heavy metal and electronica who already performed in the previous editions of the festival includes names as: Franz Ferdindand, Sonic Youth, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the Prodigy, Athrax, Alice in Chains, Billy Idol, Massive Attack, Jamiroquai and many many more.

Find out more about the dates and lineup for INMusic Festival 2013, in Croatia.

Pula Outlook Festival 2013
Between 29th of August and 2nd of September of 2013 another dance music festival takes place at the strip of coast outside of Pula town, in Fort Punta Cristo. Already in its 6th edition, Pula Outlook Festival has gained recognition as one of Europe’s biggest sound system culture events.

Read more about Outlook Festival Pula 2013.

Croatia weather and temparatures
Croatia can be divided in two climate zones: the coast and the interior. Most tourists to Croatia are bound to the beach resorts of the Adriatic coast.

Croatian coast - weather in the summer
The Adriatic coast of Croatia enjoys pleasant climate of the Mediterranean type with hot, sunny summers and mild winters. In the summer, the average temperatures at the Croatian coast range between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius and the rainfall is practically non existent. The average sea temperature is 21 degrees Celsius and the Adriatic is known as one of the cleanest coasts in the whole Mediterranean.

Winter in Croatia – the coast
In the wintertime, the coastal part of Croatia becomes cooler, although even in the coldest months of December and January the temperatures rarely ever drop below 5 degrees Celsius.

See Croatia weather chart - Zadar.

When to visit Croatia?
The peak season to visit Croatia is in July and August, when the country and, especially, the beach resorts of the Adriatic coast see the most intense tourist traffic. Accordingly, the prices of all tourist services, including car hire, increase significantly during those months. For cheap Croatia car hire solutions book well in advance.

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Events Croatia 2013 - music festivals in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Tisno and Pula
Article: Events Croatia 2013 - music festivals in Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Tisno and Pula
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