Lubeck Car Hire – Lubeck Blankensee Airport only 45 miles from Hamburg

Lubeck Airport – LBC is located in the North easterly corner of the county of Schleswig-Holstein. The historic Hansa-Stad Lübeck is the second largest city after Kiel in the Schleswig-Holstein region. In 1987 Lubeck was given world heritage site status by UNESCO because of its period architecture which closely resembles cities such as Riga, which also used to be an important Hanse-Stad.

Please note that occasionally Lubeck Airport is also referred to as Blankensee Airport and sometimes even Hamburg Airport by Ryanair. But as with so many other of Ryanair’s destinations, Lubeck is approximately an hours drive from Hamburg and direct public transportation links are limited.

The distance from Lubeck Airport to Hamburg city centre is 71 km, which is the equivalent of 44 miles. Travel time by car is approximately 60 minutes and public transportation is about 1 hour and 20 minutes excluding the wait at the airport.

Strong value car hire in Lubeck Airport
Prices for car rental in Lubeck Airport are generally competitive for northern Europe. Especially premier brand car hire is usually strong value. It is not unusual to find AUDI, BMW, Mercedes or VW Car hire for less £200 per week, which isn’t substantially more than the small economy class cars such as the Citroen C1.

Car Rental Lubeck Airport – Is the cheapest price the best value car hire in Germany?
It very rarely pays to choose the very cheapest and smallest hire car when renting in Germany. In most cases the difference in between the cheapest option and a bigger and more comfortable intermediate class prestige car is £3-£5 per day in Germany.

Beach and Golf Holiday Travemünde near Lübeck
Despite its proximity to Scandinavia, Lübeck and its surrounding areas benefit from mild summers. Only 13 miles north east of Lübeck facing the Baltic Sea, is the historic resort town of Travemünde with white sandy beaches, golf courses and marinas resembling the Mediterranean. It is not unusual to see water temperatures exceeding 20 degrees Celsius during summer along the 3 mile Travemünde beach stretch in the Lübeck bay.

Lubeck Car Hire – Lubeck Blankensee Airport only 45 miles from Hamburg
Article: Lubeck Car Hire – Lubeck Blankensee Airport only 45 miles from Hamburg
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