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The airport most used by tourists in Turkey is Antalya by the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Many tourists choose to hire a car in Antalya.

Antalya is the largest city on the Mediterranean coastline and the 7th largest in Turkey. From here the trip usually takes them to Lara, Marmaris, Alanya, Fethive, Cesme, Kemer, Icmeler, Bodrum to name but a few destinations. Keen golfers in Turkey often travel to Belek which is west of Antalya where the golfing facilities are very good.

Whether to hire a car in Antalya airport or at the holiday destination in Turkey depends on one’s knowledge of the area. Using taxis is not particularly expensive, but the best and easiest way to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean coast is of course by having a car at your disposal.

Turkey car hire – hire a car at Antalya Airport
From Antalya Airport in Turkey you can hire a car from the following companies: Alamo, Almira (Local Turkish car hire), Europcar, Budget, Sun Rent-A-Car (local Turkish car hire) to name but a few.

Other Turkish airports
Apart from Antalya other airports in Turkey include Istanbul and Adana Sakirpasa aiport situated about 18 miles from the coast in the south-east of Turkey.

Cheap car hire from local Turkish hire companies
Many local car hire companies in Turkey (particularly in smaller cities) will offer much lower rates than what is available at the airport. You can however not expect to receive the most modern vehicle with such luxuries as air conditioning. Be vigilant when it comes to signing anything and be prepared to haggle. In principle all cars are comprehensively insured, but there may be many things that are excluded from this cover in Turkey.

It is not unknown that the amount of excess due when hiring a car in Turkey is unclear. This could possibly be due to an error and/or a glitch in translation, but it is best to move on the side of caution and chose a different hire provider. It is therefore a very good idea to read the ‘price details’ before booking a hire car in Turkey.

Hire a car in Turkey on the internet
It is often possible to hire a car in Turkey for prices starting at around £145 for a week’s car hire during the summer months. This price is often £20-£45 lower in Turkey during autumn and winter.

The benefit of booking a hire car on the internet is that you are free from haggling about price and pretty much all vehicles will be of a certain standard. This is not to say that they will be of the same standard that you would expect in northern Europe. Read the terms and conditions of your hire car in Turkey in the ‘price details’ section.

Driving in a hired car in Turkey
There are many myths about driving in Turkey. For example several European foreign offices specifically advise tourist not drive between Turkish towns during night and early hours of the morning.

As a visitor in a hired car in Turkey you must arms yourself with common sense and keep the following in mind:

  • Not all Turkish drivers has taken formal driving lessons on public roads before receiving their driving licence. The law has however been tightened but this isn’t showing its effect as yet. Don’t expect everyone to know the rules of the road.
  • Particularly the concept of ‘right of way’ has not really hit hard in Turkey.
  • You may experience that the locals may save petrol by not turning their headlights in during the twilight hours.
  • Cars in Turkey are often in a condition that would never pass an MOT and this causes problems and creates dangerous circumstances in traffic in Turkey. Keep your distance. The law has been tightened in this respect so the situation is improving.
  • Animals and people on the roads (also bigger roads), as well as rocks or branches used as ‘warning triangle’ in Turkey are a part of the daily agenda. Adjust your speed to accommodate for this and be vigilant.
  • If a lorry or a bus breaks down in a lane on the motorway, they are likely to remain there for hours. Be careful.
  • Do not pull over if strangers on the road indicate that they would like you to in urban areas (this is a good rule anywhere in Europe). There is a high risk that you will be separated from your wallet and/or car.
  • Under- and overtaking is normal.
  • Sudden and unexpected stopping is a common cause of accidents.
  • Horse carriages and other slow moving vehicles without any illumination are a common sight in some parts of Turkey.
  • Scooters and small motorbikes without l head or tail lights are a normal sight.
  • Parking anywhere is quite normal – even around a blind bend.
  • Driving in larger cities such as Ankara and Istanbul can feel a little hectic if you are not used to it.
  • It is difficult to park a hired car in the larger cities in Turkey. Leave the car and consider using the so called ‘Dolmus minivans’ who drive set routes.
  • It is not permitted to move your vehicle following an accident. Wait for the police to arrive.
  • It is expensive to re-claim your vehicle from a compound if it has been confiscated by the traffic police after parking it illegally but contrary to most other countries it may be possible to stop the process if you see that your vehicle is about to be removed.

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Car hire in Turkey – good advice regarding car hire in Turkey
Article: Car hire in Turkey – good advice regarding car hire in Turkey
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