Berlin weather - spring, summer, autumn and winter in Berlin, Germany

The capital of Germany is one of the most iconic city destinations in Europe. Sought after due to its unique historic heritage and thriving cultural life Berlin receives over 5 million tourists per year.

The city, located in north-eastern part of Germany has a temperate climate, influenced greatly by the proximity of the Baltic Sea.

Summers are usually warm, only rarely unpleasantly hot, and winters moderately cold. Rain is quite frequent across all seasons. See below what weather to expect in Berlin at different times of the year.

Winter in Berlin
During the winter season in Berlin the temperatures often drop below 0 degrees Celsius, being usually January the coldest month, with an average of -2 °C.

Although objectively not very low the temperatures might feel colder due to  fairly high humidity which Berlin experiences in the winter. Snowfall is frequent, the snow cover however usually disappears quickly.

Christmas markets, or Weihnachtsmarkt, held in December are the major seasonal attraction of winter in Berlin.

Find more details on Berlin weather (climate graph).

Berlin in the spring
Without a doubt, spring is one of the most beautiful seasons to visit the German capital. In order to fully enjoy the beauty of nature waking up to life in many of the city’s green areas wait until late April, when temperatures have already risen over 10 °C.

In May, with temperatures slowly approaching 15 °C and above, Berlin parks and the open air cafes fill up with people soaking up the sun. Rain is still a possibility, especially in May, which is the wettest of the spring months, with an average of 14 rainy days per month.

Berlin in Spring:

Summer in the city – Berlin in the summer
The rainiest season in Berlin, however, is also the warmest one. Luckily the average number of rainy days doesn’t really increase during this time, compared to spring, just the volume of rainfall. This mean, that when packing for a summer visit in Berlin together with light clothes, do not forget to pack an umbrella.

The rain will hopefully not stop you from enjoying the outdoor activities available in Berlin, amongst them, kayaking or stand up paddle surf on many of the city’s lakes and waterways or relaxation on the fluvial beaches of River Spree.

Autumn in Berlin
Contrary to what happens in many other locations worldwide, Autumn is a fairly dry month in the German capital. The temperature, however starts to decrease quickly, from some 15 degrees Celsius in September, to an average of only 4 degrees in November. Much like in the spring, the many parks of Berlin once again provide a magnificent spectacle of nature, with the foliage turning yellow, red and orange. 

Berlin weather - spring, summer, autumn and winter in Berlin, Germany
Article: Berlin weather - spring, summer, autumn and winter in Berlin, Germany
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