Enterprise Car Rental (company name Enterprise Rent-A-Car)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is considered the largest provider of car rental in the United States. Apart from the core Enterprise brand, in the US, it additionally operates the car hire brands National Car Rental and Alamo, both of which were acquired in 2007.

Why is the name Enterprise Rent-A-Car?
Enterprise used to be Executive Leasing. The current name is, in fact, in honour of the famous US aircraft carrier USS Enterprise, which was retired from service in 2012.

Enterprise has a large market share in Canada as well.

Enterprise car rental in Europe - who is behind Atesa and Citer?
In Europe, Enterprise car rental presence is slightly less significant.

In recent years, however, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has emerged as one of the most expansive car rental groups in Europe with the acquiring of Atesa and Citer (Spain and France) as well as the appointing of franchise takers for the Enterprise brand in a large number of European countries.

Enterprise enters Poland Turkey and Czech Republic
Most recently in 2013, Enterprise has concluded franchise agreements with local rental car companies in Turkey, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic to offer Enterprise car hire services from airports and city locations.

Previously, Enterprise has made franchise agreements with local rental car companies in Italy, Greece and Portugal.

As of 2014, in Europe, Enterprise operates its own brand in Spain, France, UK, Ireland and Germany.

Do people recommend Enterprise car rental?
Enterprise faces tough competition in Europe. Quite a number of satisfied customers are not afraid to recommend Enterprise car rental.

In order to win customers, Enterprise has quite an active customer service department which takes care of customer needs and/or complaints through Twitter, email etc. The company devotes a lot of attention to the Enterprise Care Twitter account.

As with all rent-a-car companies, the odd complaint over Enterprise seem to arise, but in general, with respect to customer service, Enterprise is well above many of the discount rent-a-car companies that seem to spring up like mushrooms in Europe and in particular in tourist destinations.

Ad from Enterprise UK:

Is Enterprise a cheap car rental company to make a reservation with?
In general, Enterprise in Europe and Northern America is not considered a low cost car hire company.

You can still find cheap Enterprise cars for rent, but in some destinations, the Enterprise offers are not as cheap as the committed low cost car hire companies.

Where to find Enterprise cars?
In the United States and in Canada, virtually every airport of a certain size has an Enterprise Rent-A-Car office.

In Spain, the Atesa brand is amongst the leading car rental brands and the same goes for the previously Peugeot-Citroen (PSA) owned car hire company Citer in France.

In for instance Madrid Airport (Madrid-Barajas Airport MAD), the offerings from Atesa (owned by Enterprise) are amongst the cheapest.

In the UK the cheapest car rental in Stansted-London Airport, Heathrow-London Airport and Gatwick-London Airport frequently turn out to be Enterprise cars.

In Poland, Enterprise car rental is amongst the cheapest car hire options from Warsaw-Chopin Airport close to the Polish capitals city center.

Recommendation Enterprise - is it good advice to hire Enterprise cars?
Enterprise is found in the Cartrawler search engine results in numerous major airports as well as on tourist destination airports.

We recommend using Enterprise car rental due to the very modest amount of complaints and the attention to customer care that Enterprise advocates through the organization.

It may, from time to time, be possible to find cheaper car hire deals, but if you encounter an Enterprise special rate on Cartrawler, it will often match even the lowest rate.

In case your best Enterprise offer is equal to or almost equal to a discount car rental brand (low cost) offer on a tourist destination, our best advise is to strongly consider taking advantage of the Enterprise offer as you are sure to have a car from a reputable car rental supplier.

Compare Enterprise car hire prices (as well as other car rental companies) with Cartrawler

Enterprise also cooperates with Rentalcars, Auto Europe, Holiday Autos and most other car hire brokers.

Enterprise Car Rental (company name Enterprise Rent-A-Car)
Article: Enterprise Car Rental (company name Enterprise Rent-A-Car)
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