Speeding fines in Poland and Polish road regulations

The times when getting caught speeding was a fairly inexpensive affair in Poland are gone. The recent changes to the Polish Road Code, introduced in early 2022, mean much steeper penalties for irresponsible or careless drivers.

Additionally, the new regulations, in force from 17 September 2022, will allow the road police to “double” the penalties, both in monetary terms and when it comes to penalty points on a driving licence for repeated offences (within the past 2 years).

Speeding fines Poland

Speeding fines in Poland increased significantly.

With the amendment of road traffic regulations in force since January 2022, you can expect the following fines (mandat in Polish) for speeding in Poland:

  • up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph) over the limit – PLN 50 (approx. £9.5)

  • 11 km/h - 15 km/h (6.2 mph – 9.3 mph) - PLN 100 (approx. £18)

  • 16 km/h - 20 km/h (9.9 mph – 12.4 mph) - PLN 200 (approx. £36)

  • 21 km/h - 25 km/h (13 mph – 15.5 mph) – PLN 300 (approx. £54)

  • 26 km/h - 30 km/h (16 mph - 18,6 mph) – PLN 400 (approx. £72)

  • 31 km/h - 40 km/h (19.2 mph - 24.8 mph) – PLN 800 (approx. £144)

  • 41 km/h - 50 km/h (25.4 mph - 31 mph) - PLN 1000 (approx. £180)

  • 51 km/h - 60 km/h (31.6 mph - 37.2 mph) - PLN 1500 (approx. £270)

  • 61 km/h - 70 km/h (37.9 mph - 43.5 mph) - PLN 2000 (approx. £360)

  • 71 km/h (44 mph) and more - PLN 2500 (approx. £450)

Please note that for excess speed from 31 and more km/h, the drivers who repeat the offence within the past 24 months will see their fines duplicate.

See speed limits in Poland

Fines for speeding common in Poland

Apart from penalties for traffic offences having inreased significantly recently,  dirvers in Poland should expect very frequent road police patrols. It is not uncommon to be stopped several times by the police when driving long distance and, if thare sould be a ground for it, receive more than one fine on the same day.

With the new tariff for traffic fines, speeding in Poland may turn out to be quite costly.

Road safety in Poland - quality of Polish roads
The quality of many Polish roads has improved considerably; especially with the newest sections of motorways. Some B-roads in Poland are, however, still of a rather poor quality when compared to most western countries.

The style of driving, especially during overtaking in Poland, may strike the foreign tourist as somewhat risky.

A lot of privately owned cars in Poland are still from an era when safety equipment as ABS brakes, air bags, electronic stability control etc. was less common. Quite a number of older cars have been imported from Gernany over the years, and many are still on duty.

As a consequence of those factors, the road accident rate is quite high in Poland. With due care and attention, it is, however, possible to travel safely on Polish roads, and all hire cars in Poland are new models with modern safety features.

To improve safety on the roads in Poland, Polish authorities have tightened road traffic control. Apart from the permanent radars and speed cameras on the busiest roads, traffic police patrols are very frequent.

The speed fines are issued on the spot and payable in Polish currency. Not having Polish zlotys with you in not an excuse: the police will accompany you to the nearest ATM machine.

Other important Polish road regulations

  • Poland has strict driving laws when it comes to blood alcohol content – 0.2 mg per ml is the allowed alcohol limit in Poland.

  • Use of seat belts, front and rear, is compulsory in Poland.

  • Since 2007 use of headlights is mandatory at all times during driving in Poland.

  • Children under 12 and 1.5 meters of height need to use a suitable restraint system.

  • Driving license, vehicle registration and third-party insurance should be carried by the driver at all times. Any valid EU driving license is sufficient for driving in Poland.

  • Hand-held mobile phone use whilst driving is strictly prohibited. In 2022, there is a 500 PLN (approx. £90) fine for using mobile when driving.

  • Warning triangle, fluorescent safety vest and fire extinguisher are mandatory equipment in private cars as well as hire cars in Poland.

When stopped by Polish police
Do not question the fine as it may prove counter-productive. In many cases, however, you can try to negotiate politely the amount of the speeding fine with the Polish police within the stipulated limits (see speed limits and fines above).

Bribing attempts in Poland are strongly advised against and may result in trouble much more serious than a speeding ticket.

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Speeding fines in Poland and Polish road regulations
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